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Shoe Shopping | Book review

Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping is a charming little book from Miheika Publications. It is written and illustrated by Devika Joglekar. The book is targeted at kids aged 4 and above. About the Author & Illustrator Devika Joglekar, the author of the book is an award winning animator and illustrator based in San Francisco bay area, CA. She has been…

Bilingual Books – Ladoo Books by Vaibhav Malankar and Ankita Sagar

Ladoo Books

Ladoo books are a series of fun books for young learners from Vaibhav Malankar and Ankita Sagar. These bilingual books are ideal for kids aged 2-4. Ladoo Books The series of four books titled ‘Ladoo and Chai Time‘,’Ladoo and Pooja Day‘, ‘Ladoo and Counting to Ten‘, ‘Ladoo and Farm Friends‘ are bilingual. Ladoo books are…