Story Time

“Ted wants to slide!” Adventures of Ted, The Fire Engine (Part-6)

Ted the fire engine

Ever heard of a fire engine who wants to go down a slide? Is it even possible? Find out on the latest story on the “Adventures of Ted, The Fire Engine” Series.


Activity Corner

DIY PinWheel Activity for Kids


The Summer holidays are here! DIY Saves my day always!!! So, we decided to do an activity that she learned from her friend during “Teacher Needs A Break” session – A DIY Pinwheel Activity! I purchased Origami papers recently and these came in handy for this project.The size 5.9″*5.9″ which is perfect for this one.


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How I Failed Trying To Raise a Reader


I adore books. They are my favorite only next to food and sleep. When my daughter was born 7 years ago, I wanted to raise her to be a reader. You know someone who reads and reads and reads and doesnt even bother answering anyone. Someone who picks up any book and sits in a


Nose Buried In

Book Review : Scion of Ikshvaku by Amish Tripathi

scion of ikshvaku

I am someone who is a big fan of Lord Ram; to the extent of being obsessed. So, as soon as I knew that Amish was planning to write on Ram (and in a good way!), I wanted to read the book. However, the excessive publicity kept me at bay. But then, it was Ram


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SFO Euphoric Delight Group Meetup and ‘Direct Dil Se’ with the Admin, Shalini Ramachandran

Shalini Ramachandran is the admin of Euphoric Delights – a vibrant Facebook group of 50K + members, a RJ at RadioZindagi and a working mom. Shalini has a free wheeling chat with IMC. I have been posting in Euphoric Delights FB group for the past 2 years. Earlier it was known as Epicurean Delights and now it’s



Toy Review – Lego

Legos..Lets build together... (2)

Just like “Let It Go” from Frozen became one of the most repeated lines in recent times, so did  “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego Movie. Leg0 – What does one say about these tiny little bricks? Lego is yet another building block toys which are connected/interlocked via the tiny brick shaped plastic material. I


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Style Your Baby But Keep It Simple!

style your baby

Here are some tips on how you can style your baby but keep it simple. The last thing you would want to do as a mommy is to make your baby wear uncomfortable clothing. But that doesn’t mean boring loose fit clothes . Make your munchkin stylish and comfortable, with these small but handy list



Starting Solids for Your Infant – My Experience Second Time Over

roasted wheat plus jaggery plus ghee

Every mother’s secret desire is to start solids for their infants, Honestly . I  did an impromptu survey and that’s what I came  up with…Most moms want their kids to start solids, because they believe they will get a good night’s sleep. I barely remember what I did when my older one was an infant. But


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Democratic Parenting: Perspectives Of An Indian Parent

Democractic Parenting

Parenting is an activity that comes with an ever-growing machine but with no manual. Parents are then left alone to venture the art, science and skills of parenting. We fall back on tips and tricks that our parents used while raising us mostly the authoritarian way of parenting or then try to find ways from


Direct Dil Se (Interviews)

Interview with Veena Chugh, Author of A Pink Rose: And Other Short Stories

veena chugh picture

We spoke to Veena Chugh, the author of A Pink Rose: And Other Short Stories about the book, her inspiration behind it and her favourite books… IMC: Tell us your inspiration behind Pink Rose? VC: Pink Rose is a dream come true for me. I had been wanting to write a book for the last 5


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Book Review: A Pink Rose and Other Short Stories

A pink rose

Veena and I were  office colleagues many moons ago. We are therefore connected on Facebook too, not surprisingly. When I saw her update as an author of the book “A Pink Rose and Other Short Stories“, I got in touch with Veena. Needless to say that I decided to review the book at IMC. So



Anger Management Tips for Your Child

angry kid

If someone comes up to you and tells you that bringing up a child is child’s play, don’t take it at face value. Most parents would vouch for the fact that tending to the toddlers’ mood swings and their never-ending tantrums can be nightmarish. And there are many things that can trigger anger in a


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Interview with Anushka Ravishankar, Renowned Children’s Books Author

Anushka Ravishankar

Anushka Ravishankar is one of the most popular children’s books authors of India and she has written awesome books like Catch That Crocodile and Excuse Me! Is this India? She has made a name for herself internationally as an Indian children’s writer, having written over 25 books each of which is unique and amazing to


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A Mother’s Love


Same sex marriage is a topic often read about in political news and discussed at home. I read this article and I bow to the mother who stood by her son. The family is Tamil Brahmin so  I assume they would be moderately conservative and their son being gay could have been  scorned at. The


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Interview with Kanika G, Author of the Tania Series


Vidhya spoke to Kanika G, author of the Tania series. Here is IMC’s review of the book. Check out Kanika’s audio stories for IMC Storytime as well as her views on parenting which she was kind enough to share with IMC: Art of Parenting Children inspire us in unexpected ways  All Image Credits:  Kanika G