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Interesting Find : Halla Gulla Kids – Super Fun Kids Dance-Along Song

Halla Gulla Kids

If you’re new here, you may want to checkout our Latest Giveaways! Thank you for visiting!Winter Woes During winter, the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities. Arts, crafts, and other indoor activities come to the rescue but at times they become restless and they need to spend their energy. Playing outside and spending energy helps a


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Postpartum Care for Vaginal Delivery

Postpartum Care for New Moms

Hello New Mother! Congratulations! Your baby might be your first and last priority after delivery but you need to ensure a quick recovery of your own self to take good care of your little bundle of joy. Here are few tips for postpartum self-care. Take Rest It might be something which would seem impossible for


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The Peepal Tree and its Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Questions and More Does Peepal trees have flowers? Do they bloom? Have you wondered where their flowers are? Hmmm Any guess? In their branches? If yes, what colour are these flowers? Ok, no more questions. Let me just answer the first part. Yes, Peepal trees bloom and they bear flowers but in their own secret garden.


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The Importance of Learning Music in Childhood

Music in Childhood

As parents, we lay a lot of stress on academics and physical development of our children. Our prime concern these days has become the academic grades of our children. Very little attention is given to  teaching music or any musical instrument during childhood. It is only when, our children show some interest or insist on musical training, we enroll


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#BuildWithHotWheels Shark Attack – Recipe For A Perfect Play-Date

Hot Wheels Shark Attack

This is a sponsored post What is the recipe for a perfect Hot Wheels playdate?  2 HOT WHEELS CARS ✓ 3 AMAZING TRACK SETS ✓ TRACK CONNECTORS ✓ LOOPS AND GRAVITY CLAMPS ✓ UNDERWATER TERRAIN ✓ ROB’S #BuildWithHotWheels SHARK ATTACK VIDEO Double ✓ It’s about time that our little engineers took the driver seat and created



Infertility – Everything you Wanted to Know


Sunaina Bhargava had everything going for her. Happily married to Rohan for five years she had nothing to complain. Last week, someone enquired when would she be sharing some ‘good news’. Sunaina broke down. “We had decided to have kids after two years of marriage, but I was unable to conceive’, she explains. For some


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Festive Special Foxtail Millets Laddu | Thinai Laddu


Don’t we all love laddus? Earlier in October, I posted Rava Laddu and now it’s time for Millet laddu. I prepared this laddu using the foxtail millet popularly known as Thinai in Tamil and Kangni in Hindi. It is the second-most widely planted species of millet. (The first one is pearl millet or Kambu/Bajra). It


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Grandma’s Great Gourd – A Trickster Tale


GRANDMA’s GREAT GOURD  Android  iOS       We have tried again and again and again. Keeping those kids away from the smartphones and tabs is almost impossible. So as a mom and aunt, I am always on the lookout of apps that are educational and entertaining. Apps that help them learn as well and


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Book Review | TED, The Fire Engine – Book 3 in the series!


Ronny the Bully, is the 3rd  book in TED, The Fire Engine series by Lakshmi Mitter. IMC has had Ted, The Fire Engine with us for sometime now . Lakshmi Mitter had first put up her book, as a video story on IMC and later when the series became a book. We are glad that Ted has been a


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8 Ways to Draw an Elephant


8 Ways to Draw an Elephant is an interesting mix of Indian Art traditions presented in the most adorable form, the Elephant. Targeted for ages 3 and up, this book presents interesting facts about elephants intertwining it with Indian art forms like Meenakshi, Sohrai, Mata ni Pachedi and more. Apart from Art, this book got


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5 Unique Personality Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed

Personality Traits in Children

We all love our kids and want them to grow up into a successful and strong individual. But we lived in a highly competitive world. Sometimes, this competitive atmosphere makes us greedy. Unconsciously, we become a part of rat race. We set higher expectations from kids and want to see them as a winners in


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Feather Tales – Talon The Falcon, by Deepak Dalal


Enter IMC’s Birds for the Holidays Facebook Contest to win this book!  We all love stories. As children most of us have listened to stories told by our parents and grandparents; and as adults, we tell a lot of stories to our children. Apart from great entertainment value and the best childhood pastime, stories are



Supplement Your Diet


We all know that time is gold and health is wealth. The time you spend with your friends and family is much more important than any other materialistic gifts. In order to provide that time to our friends and family, we need to be healthy.  A well-balanced diet and a proper physical exercise are going


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The Serpent’s Revenge – Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata

Sudha Murthy's Serpent's Revenge

When I had the chance to read Sudha Murty’s ‘The Serpent’s Revenge – Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata‘, I jumped at it. The title was enough to excite me! Mahabharata and Me Mahabharata is truly the greatest epic ever and it astonishes me every time I read it. Stories that give you more insight to the simple


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15 Things No One Tells a New Mom


With every new phase of life you learn something new. You gain the expertise through experience.But  when we share the experience, comparison comes into picture.I am talking about motherhood. A new mom is told many things and one of the most common lines you would have heard is “my baby never did that”. Well I am not