Should I Insist On Indian Food In My Child’s Lunch Box?

Lunch box

The other day there was a discussion in a mother’s group in Facebook about her child rejecting Indian food for her lunch box but will eat it at home. The mother felt that if she gives in to the child’s demands of not taking Indian food, the child will not be proud of her Indian heritage.


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Interview With Leela Gour Broome – Author Of Red Kite Adventure

leela gour broome

IMC spoke to Leela Gour Broome, the author behind the exciting adventure book ‘Red Kite Adventure’ about what inspired her to write the book, her inspiration behind the lovely town of Kithwada in the book, how can we get our kids to read more and her favorite books as a child! Read on to know


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Red Kite Adventure By Leela Gour Broome

red kite adventure

Its a long time since I read a proper adventure story. And I am glad I waited so long because I got to read the awesomely adventurous ‘Red Kite Adventure’ by Leela Gour Broome published by Penguin Books. The story is about two boys – Arzaan and Veer who look exactly like each other. Veer’s


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The Very Beginning of Reading For Your 5 And 6 Year Olds

sight words

Reading starts way before children recognize the alphabet. It starts when they are read to, aloud and they hear the sounds of words, strung together to make sentences. I don’t remember when I learnt to read, when the words in front of me in the many Amar Chitra Kathas and Tinkles my mom read to


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Yummy Way To Use Zucchini – Make A Pakora


Zucchini Pakoras are perfect tea time snacks or party/potluck appetizers prepared with zucchini, onions and chick pea flour combined with other spices. It’s a quick fried snack that can be prepared under 30 minutes. In Tamil, zucchinis are known as Seemai Suraikai. Zucchini is versatile veggie like potatoes and it aptly fits in any cuisine.


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Book Review: Dust On The Mountain by Ruskin Bond

Dust on the Mountain by Ruskin Bond

Editor’s Note: Today is Ruskin Bond’s birthday and we decided to review a book of his, published by Puffin Books. One of the best things about a book is that it lets you get lost in a wonderful story! A story that is interesting and engrossing and so amazing that you just don’t want it


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for May 2016


“Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson There are things we all want to teach our kids. Each parent probably has a list – a mental one if not a paper one. I have such a list too and  one of the top items on my list (and



Teaching Kids About Superstitions and Positive Parenting


Questions are pretty much an inevitable part of being a parent. And the dreaded ‘why’ even more so! From “Why do I have to go to school?” to “Why does Daddy get to sleep with you but I have to be a ‘grown up’ and sleep in my room!?” children ask all sorts of questions. And


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Postpartum Depression – Seek Help When Needed!

post partum

I always knew people around me were hoping I would have a baby boy. The hints were sometimes subtle and sometimes not too much, but they were there all around. So it was no surprise that the entire household was super happy when I did have a baby boy. I remember distinctly my uncle/doctor commenting


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Goodbooks Review: The Alphabet of Animals and Birds

The Alphabet of Animals and Birds

This review , written by Ranjit Lal, was originally published on in 2015.  Ranjit Lal writes for children between the ages of 10-100+ and has had over 30 books published so far.   Author: Prabha Mallya Illustrator: Prabha Mallya 64 pages English Rs 295.00 ISBN: 978-81-2913-121-8  Rupa Publications, 2014 Picture books can be fun, entertaining, educative tools


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Interview With Suman Agarwal, Author Of Super Kids

suman agarwal

We spoke to Suman Agarwal, the author of the awesome book, Super Kids, about teaching kids to eat right! She talks about super foods, encouraging kids to play physical games and suggests yummy after school snacks for us as well! IMC: How did you conceptualise the book and what inspired you to write it? Suman: My


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Storytime App – The Place To Go To For Stories For Kids!

storytime girl

My older one is seven years but she still refuses to sleep without hearing a story! Earlier, we would read books and she would be satisfied, but lack of space and finances apart from the fact that she started reading chapter books, made me stop buying pictures books for her. So now, everyday night, I


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Don’t Diet – 50 Habits Of Thin People By Kavita Devgan

dont diet

Some books are very practical in their approach towards weight loss. They give suggestions which are doable, don’t stress you out and yet change your approach to weight loss in a very positive way. Don’t Diet – 50 Habits of Thin People by Kavita Devgan is one such book. What We Liked Kavita manages to



A Stay At Home Mom’s Resume

stay at home mom

One day while picking my kids from school, I met a parent who asked me “Do you work?” I said, “Yes, I am a stay at home mom.” My response generated a puzzled look on her face. I want to proclaim that contrary to the common belief, stay at home does not equate to leisure; it actually


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You Can’t Always Tell! By Priyanka Talwar

you cant always tell

It is Food Allergy Awareness Week from May 8-May 16, 2016. We speak to author Priyanka Talwar about food allergies and what prompted her to write the book ‘You Can’t Always Tell‘! Hear her speak to Preethi, read the review to the book and enter the giveaway as well! The Interview The Review We often overlook