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Coping With A Terrifying World


The recent attacks in Paris have prompted a large number of articles about the world going to hell in a hand basket. Who can help but feel fear, outrage and despair? Yet, is that enough? But what about perspective? The worst part about terror attacks is the emotional aspect. The fact that some people deliberately


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Toys From Trash – Arvind Gupta Talks To Us About Creating Toys For Children!


Arvind Gupta is the man behind the initiative of Toys From Trash. His website has hundreds of toys based on science.These toys are made from the cheapest of materials available. An IIT Kanpur graduate, Arvind has published many books and received many awards for his work. Arvind has been kind enough to speak to IMC about


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iPaatti Product Review


When you are in a foreign place, teaching children, the mother tongue becomes a difficult task. We recently posted about learning Hindi and the products that are available. Now it’s time for Tamil. Looking for interesting books and products to teach your kids Tamil? Then iPaatti products are one of your best bet.  I am from


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Talking About Tragedies

Talking About Tragedies with kids

As my daughter grows up, the more I feel protective about her. The world around her seems to be morphing into this big bad wolf ready to pounce on her. To eat up her freedom, gobble her free spirit and curb those giggles. I am leading her into this world and there are times I


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Are Your Children And You Missing Out On Something? – Think Books, Just Books :)

just books

This is a sponsored post! You lay in your grandmother’s arms listening to the same story a hundredth time and yet feel the same excitement, joy of wanting to know what happens next. A memory most of us cherish – a bedtime story or a story on a sunny afternoon, when your mom is trying to distract



What’s Up With These WhatsApp and FaceBook Groups?

What's up with theseWhats App Groups-

WhatsApp And FaceBook Groups! I feel like the concept of unicast messaging is dying slowly. People want to broadcast everything from what they do, what they cook, where they travel and this list keeps growing. I totally understand it is each and everyone’s personal choice to broadcast or unicast. As long as the sender is happy with



The Best Of Both Worlds!

USA and India Flags

How I Got The Best Of Both Worlds I grew up in India and my childhood was strongly influenced by Indian culture. I was taught to be hard working, and respectful. ‘Practice makes perfect’ and ‘parents know best’ were my mantras all through childhood. I believed I could conquer anything through determination and I dreaded



Ten Ways To Spend Quality Time with Kids


10. Plant A Garden Planting a garden is a great way to spend quality time. You get to eat the fruits of your labor and is a stress buster too. 9. Go On A Bike Ride Going on a bike ride allows for chatting, exercise and bonding time. Have you checked out the pedal-less balance


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Book Review: Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall by Wendy Mass

heaven looks a lot like the mall

Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall, by Wendy Mass, published by Little, Brown and Company. This is an excellent “coming-of-age” book where a teenage girl is forced to re-live key events in her lifetime and reevaluate how she wants to live her life. Tessa Reynolds is playing dodgeball during P.E. at her high school


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Teaching Children Science Via Burnt Vessels!

burnt vessel to clean vessel

Teaching Children Science From Kitchen Incidents! So the other day, Deeps managed to blacken her milk vessel completely, burning it to the fullest. She sent a message asking if there was any way  she could clean up the vessel. I remember our Chemistry teacher in class 11 talking to us about how chemical engineers make


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for November

Blog Pick - Nov

I was in the Hindi class that my kids attend every week and was enjoying my time off by browsing my Twitter account (but of course!). There were about twenty kids in the class. Subconsciously, I realized there was a quiz going on between boys and girls. The kids will have to write the letters they


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I Want To Be Just Like Mom!

Mango Shake

This is a sponsored post. Sunday afternoons, especially on a hot summer day, can be pretty lazy. You know when it’s siesta time and there is absolutely nothing you want to do. There are a million things pending, but then you still don’t want to do it because – well, because you are just feeling



My Favourite Disney Princess


Being mother to a six year old girl means joining the princess bandwagon. We have the books,dolls, movies and even one or two costumes worn for school dress up days. Amongst all the princesses I have a favourite one too. Can’t beat them, join them!! My favourite princess is Mulan. I have a few reasons


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The South Indian ChowMein Recipe!


Chowmein– It’s a very Kolkata thing. I heard it for the first time, when I was a teenager, going to Kolkata (then Calcutta) for my annual visit to my nani’s house. Calcutta is a street foodie’s delight. Everything you get on the street is so yummy, that if I went there, I would pile some 20 kgs


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Ask Dr. P – Vitamin D Deficiency

Ask Dr P

Team IMC asked Dr. P about the currently  prevalent Vitamin D Deficiency. Over to Dr.P… Hello everyone….it feels good to be writing for IMC again. Vitamin D deficiency in children and adults is steadily increasing in the urban population with increasing hours spent indoors. Vitamin D is essential for bone growth and strength with deficiency