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Invited to a Baby Shower? Gift a Book!

Books for Baby Shower

If you’re new here, you may want to checkout our Latest Giveaways! Thank you for visiting!Baby showers and ‘first visits’ to meet newborns come with the need to carry along the perfect gift. Clothing, bedding, towels and other ‘baby essentials’ are always popular, but run the risk of duplication – and are outgrown so quickly!



10 Must-Visit places in New York City- “A Dream Journey”


It was just 1 and ½ year age when we moved from India to the USA and we had a nostalgic and thrilling experience during this time. And our life has turned into a powerful mix of emotions. New habits, new challenges, distinct culture and of course, visiting new places is one of the most


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A Cute Book About Indian Gods and Goddesses!


After Trishala’s Dream (giveaway coming soon), Beanstalk Cottage are back with their new book. ‘My First book of Indian Gods & Goddesses‘ by Sonila Prashant, illustrated by Alankrita and published by Beanstalk Cottage, is a cute board book aimed at introducing our little ones to our Indian Gods. And that is exactly what it does, oh so perfectly! Some would argue, there


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The Hungry People!


Periodically the kitchen is invaded by hungry people. These simple folks correlate hunger with food. In their hungry eyes, anything within the kitchen walls is eatable. It is “I am hungry, something is eatable and it is in the kitchen”. All the esoteric plans of the cook means nothing to them. They come in ready to eat cooked,


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Recipe for Gestational Diabetes – Puffed Barley Chaat


Puffed Barley Masala Snack – our first diabetic friendly recipe. A diabetic diet is a simple healthy meal that will help you control your blood sugar. You diet should include healthy carbs and fiber rich food. It also advised to avoid saturated and Trans fat and also sodium. Eating food at regular interval helps to


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Adlabs Imagica – A Review Through The Learning Lens!


Adlabs Imagica – badi interesting jagah hai! Their advertisement has always made me giggle with those two birds & two human beings having a serious talk of their lives! Being a hard core fan of adventure & thriller rides, I always wanted to try those inviting roller coaster rides. But having an eighteen months old


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5 Things ‘Back to School’ Moms Can Do!

back to school mom

It is back to school time here in the US! So, if you are a ‘back to school’ mom who stays at home, you may now have a few hours to yourself, in peace and quiet, where you can actually hear yourself think! Or you may sit and worry about your child’s first days in school -I


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Around The World With a Chilli & Lights…Camera…Action!


Around the World With a Chilli Written by Nayan Chanda and Illustrated By Priya Kuriyan   Confession Time!!! This book “Around the World with a Chilli” written by Nayan Chanda and illustrated by Priya Kuriyan, taught me lot of unknown facts and fascinating aspects on globalization. I would definitely recommend this book not only for


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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things!

Favorite Things

Last week, my son who is in Grade 6, had a poem recitation in his class and he wanted me to help him practice my all-time favorite song from my all-time favorite movie ‘Sound of Music’! I was very excited at his choice of poem and was more than happy to have the opportunity to


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for September 2016


Tips for Oral Hygiene After having my teeth extracted, I understand the pain and frustration that a person has to go through because of poor dental hygiene. Before you make some nasty judgments about my oral health, let me clarify that I am a pretty strict person when it comes to hygiene. I brush two


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Raising Empathetic and Kind Children

Kind Children

Hardly a day goes by without me groaning in despair about the world around me. Intolerance, hatred and violence seem to take over the inherent goodness of people. It is a sad place to be and a hard place to raise kind human beings. We unfortunately dwell in a world where interactions over the cell phones take precedence


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The Transition from “I kind of feel like cooking” to “I must cook now”


As days progress, even the most disorganized cook develops some dependents, people who are equally unwilling to discipline themselves. Or have been thrown by serendipity into a dependence on the amateur cook. And are willing to go along with the amateur experimentation either out of love or laziness. The transition from “I kind of feel like cooking” to


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Super Simple Braised Baby Potatoes | Healthy Way of Eating Potatoes

braised potatoes

Most kids love potatoes, don’t they! From French fries to tater-torts to hash browns, potatoes are a favorite snack! However, as a mom the unhealthiness of the deep-fried and store bought form is a concern. Well, why not try braising them instead, at home, a better alternative for sure and it does taste super yummy! And what’s more its an


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Of Smart Phones And Distracted Parents

Distracted Parenting

Picture this: “Mom, I finished my picture!!” your toddler screams,….but you have to send out that email you are working on, like RIGHT NOW! Your friend calls you up for a long chat; and all the while, you are thinking of that last message you were about to post on WhatsApp where you were involved


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A Toddler In a Supermarket

Toddler In a store

Supermarkets are like toddler wonderlands, any store for that matter. Be it the grocery section or the toys, with temptations galore, there is no stopping a spirited toddler!! So, summing up that experience of shopping for you!! She wants to run around and you are afraid she will knock down an expensive china. You will