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Baking with My Daughter

Baking with Kids

There are days when it is too hot to go outside and it is just me and my daughter figuring out what to do with our afternoon.  That’s when we come up with random Pinteresty crafts. But it is also when we bake together. I love baking with my daughter! Baking requires Precision Somehow to


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“The Great Fire Engine Race.” (Part 7) Adventures of Ted, The Fire Engine

Ted the fire engine

It is the 27th of February, finally. Ted and Ronny have been waiting for this day. It is the day of the great fire engine race. They are going to cheer for their friends, Tanky 98 and Franky 97.


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Is There a Right Age to Stop Breastfeeding?


Is There A Right Age To Stop Breastfeeding, I wonder My second child is 8 months old and I have stopped breast feeding her about a couple of weeks ago. Rather I should say she stopped feeding on me. She was unwell, had medicines in the night and just slept through the night and stopped


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Exciting Times Ahead For Today’s Children’s Literature In India! – Lavanya Karthik

Lavanya Karthik

We spoke to the absolutely talented Lavanya Karthik, the lady behind the awesome illustrations of the Apoorva Books published by Mango Books. Lavanya lives in Mumbai, where she writes, draws and dreams of a cleaner, greener world. She talks to us about her favorite books, which she would like to re-create as well as picture books she loves.


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Nandini Nayar talks to IMC About The Apoorva Series – Apoorva’s Fat Diary and

Nandini Nayar

Nandini Nayar talks to IMC about the Apoorva Series of books. The first book in the series is Apoorva’s Fat Diary. The second one is and a third one is going to be released soon. Nandini has written over half a dozen picture books, including What Shall I Make? (Outstanding Children’s Books of 2010 list of


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Who is BigA and What are Her Secrets? –

IMG_0715, the book 2 of the Apoorva Series (Diary of an Indian School Girl) written by Nandini Nayar and illustrated by Lavanya Kartik, published by Mango Books is an awesome unputdownable book. Having established myself as a big fan of Apoorva, I must admit that is as interesting as the first one. Apoorva has been made a group leader


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Religion and Child!

teaching religion to children

I am not particularly religious. To be true I don’t even know what religious actually means… For me, as kids my paternal grandmother (Bhagya Paati) taught us a lot of “shlokams” which we had to, on principle, repeat with her each day. I know as kids, neither me nor my brother or my cousins particularly


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Book Review: First House/ Pehla Ghar : A Santhali Folktale

Pehla Ghar

  First House/ Pehla Ghar Retold by Jane Sahi Translation – Shivnarayan Gour Pictures – Ranu Titus Home, sweet home! But how did the home come to be about? Who thought that we could build a roof over our heads? What was the inspiration for the pillars, the structure and the roof? If you have


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Talk to Kids About Death!

Death is a very unpleasant topic. A topic that evokes a lot of sentiments in people. Talking to kids about Death is a very difficult task. But from personal experience, I do believe, that its something we all should do. With as much honesty as age appropriate.

How do we talk to kids about death? Death is a very unpleasant topic. A topic that evokes a lot of sentiments in people. Talking to kids about Death is a very difficult task. But from personal experience, I do believe, that it’s something we all should do. With as much honesty as age appropriate.


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No One Ever Said It Would Be EASY

Parenting is a tough job

“Parenting is the easiest thing I’ve ever done!” SAID NO PARENT EVER! Let no one ever tell you that parenting is NOT the scariest, yet most supremely satisfying gig you will ever have in your life! We all adapt to parenting in our different styles, but once we become parents we are all just on


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Book Review- First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

malory towers book 1 enid blyton

  First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton, published by Egmont UK United, is the first book of the Malory Towers series. The story begins with Darrell Rivers, who is going off to boarding school by the Cornish sea at the southern tip of England for the first time in her life. The atmosphere



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Learn how to cook Try new recipes Learn from your mistakes Be fearless and above all, Have Fun !!! – Julia Child


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Interview with Prasanna Gopalakrishnan – CIO at Harvard

Prasanna Gopalakrishnan

Prasanna Gopalakrishnan is the Chief Information Officer and Head of IT for Harvard University. She is an inspiring woman in technology today and IMC speaks with her about her journey and on why we need more women in technology today and her advice to women starting their careers. Team IMC was honored to meet her


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Product (Boardgame) Review: Three Sticks by Kitki

Three Sticks

Three Sticks by Kitki is an awesome geometry based game for the entire family. The 7 year old and I played Three Sticks on a lazy Sunday afternoon when both of us couldn’t sleep! I must admit that the 7 year old is a bit too young to play the game as its targeted for children


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Wish I Had It All! – Thoughts of An NRI Mom

Can we have it all

I still remember vividly – the day of my departure from India, all set to board my first overseas flight. “Come on Ma, everything will be fine”, I was trying to console my teary eyed mom.”It’s just for a short while; you know these are opportunities one can’t miss!” Little did I know how long my ‘short’