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Eat Seasonal: Butternut Squash Chutney/ Thogayal

Butternut Squash Chutney

Butternut Squash is available in adundance in fall/winter. One of the best ways to eat is of course seasonal. Sometimes incorporating newer vegetables in traditional indian food is hard. Here is one way to add butternut squash easily into our meals. This chutney/thogayal keeps for a couple of days at least in the fridge and


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Positive Parenting – “The One Minute Mother”

The One Minute Mother

“We become what we think about” Recently I was reading the book “The One Minute Mother” by Spencer Johnson and the above sentence is from the book. It is a parenting book highlighting three techniques that we can follow as a parent (whether you are a mother or a father). I know as readers you


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How to Invest Smartly to Fulfill Your Child’s Dreams!

Fulfill Child's Dreams

This is a sponsored post One of my friends once sent me a ‘joke’, which said  “Condoms are the second best birth control method in India. The first is the cost of education!” While it does seem funny, in reality, it is true. The cost of educating a child in a decent school and then


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Free Valentine’s Day Printable!

Valentine's Day Printable 1

It’s Valentime! And we have a *** Free Printable *** for all our special readers! ^_^ I loved seeing all the fabulous printables available for Valentines Day and thought to myself “I got to get on this!” “We go together like Parle G & Tea” I don’t know about you guys but we are obsessed with Parle



Are You Subconsciously Parenting a Show Case Kid?

Show Case Kids

Understanding a Show Case Kid It is 7:30 PM and eight year old *Aakash returns home, exhausted and fatigued. Aakash is an aspiring karate enthusiast and today his teacher had asked him to stay for an extra hour for the upcoming Karate championships. The next morning, Aakash longs to snuggle under the sheets for some


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Easy and Quick Valentine’s Day Thumbprint Cards Printable

Valentine's Day Card, Printable

Valentine’s day is round the corner, so here is a printable for making your own finger print cards. Just print it on a cardstock, let your kids imprint their fingers and cut them out. You can also write fancy stuff like the ones here for older children. And add your kids name on the heart! Valentine’s


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5 Easy Homegrown Activities to Keep Active Toddlers Busy

5 Easy Homegrown Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy

1. Edible Finger Paints  Let the little ones get messy and  they even get to eat the paint! 2. Fun with Pasta Fill and Dump a Muffin Pan with Pasta. Try Different Shapes and Colors while you make Dinner. 3. Edible Play Dough  Play dough is a must for every toddler, Here is a low cost recipe


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A Very Practical Book for Weight Loss

Don't Lose Your Mind Lose you weight

When I read about Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight  in Goodreads, I added it to my “want to read” shelf right away and also found the physical copy of this book on Amazon and added it to my cart. But I was hesitating for a long time whether to buy the book or not. The fact



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I was recently watching the latest Cello Advertisement.It is an ad which showcases a mother-daughter journey and I can’t tell you how much it makes me miss having a girl myself, but that’s pointless now as I already have two boys It is a lovely ad, one that is bound to move you to tears


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a wonderful picture book to be in every kids library. Eric Carle, the author and illustrator of the book has a very unique way of illustrating his books. This book portrays the journey of a caterpillar from an egg to a beautiful butterfly. After reading and reading it so many


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Murungai Ellai Adai – A Drumstick Leaves Recipe!


Murungai Ellai (Murungai Keerai), i.e Drumstick leaves are full of calcium, iron and have many health benefits. It looks a lot like Methi, i.e fenugreek leaves and most people wouldn’t know what it is. Being from South India I have seen my mom use this and the other day we happened to find it at our local


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Why Are There No Girl Presidents, Amma ?

Girl President

My 5 yr old daughter was holding a 10$ bill the other day and asked me who is this guy on the money, Amma. I had to admit I did not know who it was, probably a past President of the United States, I said. ( For the record it is Alexander Hamilton, the first



Books to Browse – The Hindu Young World Goodbooks Awards

goodbooks awards

We need more of these…The Hindu Young World – Goodbooks Awards… To encourage the Indian authors and illustrators writing for young kids. To tell the awesome Indian publishers that they are doing an awesome job by encouraging writers and illustrators To let Indian parents know that we have a treasure trove of wonderful books with an Indian theme


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Dear Ashi… And the Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins

Continued from AND THE STORY CONTINUES …… Chapter 2 And The Journey Begins…… Dear Ashi My name is Kajal. I’m your mother’s Kochar hostel friend. You probably have heard a lot of stories about us. Well, I’m a part of those stories. One time, simply because I was bored, I decided that our hostel would be a big


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Oh! To Be A Child All Over Again – Childhood V2.0

Playing Legos

Ever imagined doing all the fun stuff you did as a child with your kids all over again? It is awesome fun. Doing the stuff that is not the imagining bit, though if you look at it just imagining it is also super fun! With two kids now, there are so many things which I