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Diverse Books for Children : An Invitation to a New World

Ten Gulab Jamuns

If you’re new here, you may want to checkout our Latest Giveaways! Thank you for visiting!India is a very diverse country with different foods, clothes, languages all around. There are many rich experiences with our diverse friends. I remember as a child going to a Christian friend’s house to celebrate Christmas with her. That was my first traditional


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From the Youngest Published Author in India


When I was asked if I would be interested in doing a book review for Anusha Subramanian’s Never Gone, I immediately jumped at the idea as I was keen to see what the country’s youngest published author had to say! And that is how I ended up reading a teenage coming-of-age story in my thirties!


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Katha Kids- Stories for your kid and the kid in you!


Katha Kids, as the name suggests is a place for children’s stories . In today’s digital age, Katha kids is a great initiative, an online platform where one find a variety of children’s stories, mythological stories, folk tales, bedtime stories and much more. Most of us would have heard/read these stories growing up and they are stuck in our


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5 Children’s Books on Ramayana for Diwali

Children's Books on Ramayana

Amma Tell Me About Diwali Recommended Age 2-7 yrs  Amma tells little Klaka a magical story about Diwali. This book attributes the origins of Diwali to return of Rama after His victory over Ravana completing his 14 years of exile.The Ramayana is told in couplet form and is a good introduction to the epic. It also



Urban Edible Gardening – All You Need to Know


The green revolution is happening over right our heads – on our rooftops! Yes, urban organic farming on rooftops has caught up in a big way all over the world. Brooklyn Grange produces over 50,000 pounds of organic crop every year. Spread over 2.5 acres on two rooftops in New York City, it is the


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Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Lets Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Diwali, albeit one of the biggest festivals in India, is celebrated differently by different parts of India. Growing up, for us Diwali was just for one day and involved waking up before sunrise, taking an oil bath and wearing new clothes. Then it was off to burst some crackers, temple and Diwali Bakshanam eating! As


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India’s Hockey Magician – Dhyan Singh ‘Chand’

Dhyan Singh Chand

We live in the era of cricket, tennis, football, chess and I can keep adding other games to this list. But where is Field Hockey in that list ? Field Hockey is the India’s National Sport. Do you know? 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Indian Hockey Team won Gold medal. 1932 Olympics in


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MILLK (Kamala Mills) – Play and Recreation Centre for Kids in Mumbai


Kids love to run and play. They always want to head out and play. As adults, it is our responsibility to provide space and a safe environment for them to play. In bustling cities like Mumbai, playing outside the house is next to impossible. It is the need of the hour to have spacious recreation centres where kids


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The Big Decision: A Pet Dog or No?

Kids and Pets

Their Side of the Story: Pets are Fun “Mom, when can we have a dog?” “How many stars can get me a dog?” (Our children earn stars for good behavior which they can use to buy a small gift) “Can I ask Santa for a pet dog?” Our kids plead to own a dog and offer


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Festive Season Special | Choco Rava Laddu


The month of october is full of festivals this time. Navratri is already here and then Diwali and then of course Halloween. The holiday season mood is in the air. To celebrate this holiday season, we are presenting a simple yet yummylicious sweet recipe – the choco rava laddu.  Rava laddu is one among the traditional



What is in your Cool Mom Jar?


Every day is a battle and half or at least that is how it seems. I am usually a bundle of nerves and emotions and stress a couple of times a week. Somehow on the days when I feel the worst are the days when my daughter is at her crankiest. To be the cool



Moms, Are You Aware Of Your Negative Self Talk?


Moms, when you wake up in the morning, what mental dialogue goes on in your head? Let’s see if these examples resonate with you: Oh, we are late again. I never can do anything on time these days. My son does not eat anything. It is my fault, obviously. I look awful today. I just


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The Friendship Between a Toddler and his Food

Toddler and food

The dictionary meaning of toddler is ‘one who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.’ From the toddlers’s point of view, these years mark the walk of freedom. Suddenly, the lying-on-the-lap baby has discovered that he can move on his own. He starts rolling, crawling, fumbling and walking.  This freedom gives parents their biggest and most common concern –


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An Interactive Journey Through Indian Art Movements

Eye Spy Indian Art

After Raza’s Bindu, authors Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai are back with Eye Spy Indian Art, an absolutely gorgeous and well-crafted book that takes us on a journey of the evolution of Indian Modern Art and its various movements. They start with the pre-modern phase of the Company School depicting life, birds and animals in British