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Breast Pumps – A Product Guide For India


If you’re new here, you may want to checkout our Latest Giveaways! Thank you for visiting!Motherhood is a fulfilling and exciting phase for a woman but it can sometimes also be frustrating! Overnight life becomes topsy-turvy and no amount of homework can prepare you for this amazing journey. However, all new mothers, for sure, are



The End of an Era


Feels like dark clouds have filled Tamil Nadu completely. We lost three  legends within a span of 3 weeks. The great Carnatic musician, Padma Vibhushan Dr. Balamuralikrishna passed away on Nov 22nd. Balamuralikrishna has over 400 compositions to his credit and this single post is not enough to talk about his musical journey. Before recuperating



Young Tamil Author 2017 | Contest Announcement


“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind” ~ Ayn Rand IMC is very happy to announce that we are partnering up with iPaati for the great initiative, the Young Tamil Author 2017. The contest is a wonderful opportunity to write and bring out your child’s imagination in a book format. It can be individual work



ICSE Schools Now Teach Harry Potter

School Kids

Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for ISC Examination At the outset, I have to admit that I am quite furious.I feel completely CHEATED. Why didn’t this happen when I was in school? With that resentful feeling, I have to congratulate ICSE for adding contemporary literature to their curriculum. Indian kids school bags will include works of J,K


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Chalo, Mumbai Ki Sehar Karein (Let’s Visit Mumbai)!


My daughter and I recently visited Mumbai for a few weeks. And when we returned, I got this children’s book about Mumbai –  Let’s Visit Mumbai, for review! And as I started reading it I felt, wait a minute, did I write this book! That feeling of been there, done that really hit me hard and it brought a


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The Lion’s Feast by Karadi Tales | Book Review


Karadi Tales‘ latest book The Lion’s Feast is an irreverent tale with really funny illustrations. IMC was delighted to receive a copy of this fun children’s book for review. The Story The Lion’s Feast is a story about an old couple who are forced to invite a ravenous lion to their home for a meal. What


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Start Baking – Recipes for Fall


“Real Food doesn’t “have” Ingredients. Real Food is Ingredients” —  Jamie Oliver. Baking is incredible.  It  is a great activity for bonding and it is easy to get kids to help you in the kitchen when yummy treats are involved. Try these autumn- inspired recipes and bake cakes,cookies and muffins. These are the perfect ways to celebrate


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Sundar Majhi Ladki (My Darling Beautiful) – Emotions of an Adoptive Mother

Mothers Love

My daughter Maira is a child born from my heart. She didn’t grow within me and yet she is so much a part of me. Her breathe, skin and cell is a part of ME. My darling beautiful adopted daughter – Maira, she is ME. One year has gone and it just feels like yesterday when we were doing our couple tête-à-tête, filling out numerous


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The First step to Passing on a Greener world to our Children: Surround Yourself with Greenery!

Green Homes

This is a sponsored post What do we owe our children? What do we owe to our children? How did we spend our childhood? If we start thinking about it, we realize that we owe them a clean atmosphere and space to run around and play freely. Nowadays children are given so many toys to


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Product Review: Bumchum Diapers


I have two kids. The older one is 4.5 years and the baby is 7-weeks old. Confession: I have never tried using cloth diapers for both of them. With my first born, once the baby moon period was over or somewhere along that time, I came to the realization that baby products are generally overpriced and started saving up on things


Interesting Find, Product Reviews A site for your child’s educational needs

Vedantu.Com Logo

As a mother of two school-goers, I was looking for some online help to assist my children with their daily studies. I stumbled upon this website called At first look, it looked like another of those websites which offers some online videos only. But wait!! I was wrong! offered live online help for students Highly skeptical (as most mothers


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#BuildWithHotWheels ‘Lava Blaze’ With A Bit Of Creative Play On Top!


This is a sponsored post You know what kids love – CARS! Boys or girls, big or small it doesn’t matter, kids everywhere unanimously love playing with cars, you know what they love even more – Building a story around it! You know what I’m talking about, you, me ,your boss and your boss’s granddad


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Quick and Easy Fried Fish with Shan Spice Blend | Taste Happiness


This past weekend, my husband was coming home from a work trip. He was gone for 2 weeks. The kids had driven me crazy and if you ask them they would probably say the same about me. With my husband’s return, there was light at the end of the tunnel. I made plans next day



Demonetization – 5 Life Lessons For Children


In the wake of the recent demonetization drive by the government, Indian parents have reported guiltily breaking open their children’s piggy banks for small change to tide over the cash crunch. After the initial shock of seeing their piggy banks broken, children have been only too happy to oblige, given the promise that the money


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Indidoll – A much-needed Product


When there can be barbie dolls, why not Indi dolls? When we heard about this venture from Swapna Bapat of Indidoll, we were super elated and wanted to know more about it. We really loved the concept and we got an opportunity to talk with Team Indidoll. Team Indidoll Before getting into details, we would like to