Confessions Of Living Far Away From Family And Making Home Away From Home


If you’re new here, you may want to checkout our Latest Giveaways! Thank you for visiting! Family like branches on a tree  grows in different directions  yet our roots remain as one. The Journey Living away from family – parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, and aunts – is a choice many of us make. We leave our homes hoping for a better



Are We Giving In To Children’s Demands Too Quickly?

Mindful Parenting

Parenting demands immense efforts and thinking before acting. Mindful parenting – doubly so. “Mummy, I want fried fish for lunch!”, he demanded. His mum thought, “It will make my son happy.” Off she went to kitchen and started to clean the fish and in no time fried fish was served in plate of her beloved


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What a ‘Dishy’ idea! – Discussing Dishwashers


Jhaadu, Poocha, Bartan Morning Routine The first doorbell of the morning – it’s the newspaper! The second doorbell – it’s the milkman! The third doorbell – it’s the dhobi with freshly laundered clothes! Now, the wait begins for the most important arrival of the day – the HOUSE HELPER! Love her or hate her, she is an integral part


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Let’s Celebrate Holi – A Picture Book

Let's Celebrate Holi

What is Holi Holi, a festival of colors, is a spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal. It is celebrated to rejoice the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and as a Thanksgiving for a good harvest. It lasts for two days starting on full moon day somewhere between February and March. The


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India’s First Companion Robot for Children is here!

Miko - India's first companion Robot

Have you noticed little kids and the Roomba, the little robotic vacuum cleaner? My daughter loves the vacuum cleaner, calls it roomby affectionately, chases it and informs me if “he” has “eaten” anything that has caused “him” to stop. “Roomba!”, she will say with her hands on her hips “I have told you a million


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Nursing Pillows – Why is it a Breastfeeding Must-Have?

Nursing Pillows

Blessed with twins, my sister was ecstatic when she brought her darlings home. But soon she was complaining that her back hurt and she was tired all the time. She was religiously doing all she had been told at the hospital, but her babies cried all day, did not sleep well and she was exhausted!


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New Lessons Learnt : My Child teaches Me

Lessons Learnt

The Situation After a nice, festive weekend, getting back to routine is difficult and boring. Especially when you know it will be a busy week ahead. The week started and my kiddo went to school and got back as usual. It was time for his after school class, and he was not in a mood to go.



6 Important Steps to Prepare a Toddler for Daycare


The transition of a toddler from home to daycare or playgroup or preschool is often dreaded. I was also very skeptical how my 17-month old son, A, will handle the transition. He was going to spend two hours a day at a childcare centre. That is two hours away from home. It ended with a relatively easy


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Microwave Poha Badam Kheer | Flattened Rice and Almonds Kheer


How about a traditional sweet for this Valentine’s day instead of cakes and cookies? When the celebrations fall on a weekday, it’s quite difficult to prepare elaborate meals and desserts. So I always look out for easy ways to make our family favorite. Today I am going share Poha Kheer made in the microwave with


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Celebrate Holi with Me!

Holi book-full cover

About the Author Celebrate Holi with Me is the latest release From the Toddler Diaries series by Shoumi Sen. The first book in the series was Celebrate Durga Pujo with Me! The Toddler Diaries Series started off as a series of poems that the author wrote for her daughter.As you turn the pages of this book, you


Age 4 - 9

A Picture Book About Pickles

Pickle Mania by Srividhya Venkat

About Pickle Mania Pickle Mania written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Shailaja Jain Chougule is book ideal for kids aged 4-9. The story features a small girl called Nitya who is fascinated by pickles. The Plot: Nitya wants to taste the red, spicy lemon pickle that her grandparents eat. However, her paati (grandmother) says that the pickle is too


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Waffles Dosa | Millet Recipes


Waffles dosa is a no secret recipe. It’s same old millet dosa batter with few veggies. Instead of preparing the dosa in the regular tawa, I prepared the dosa using the waffle maker and tada, waffle dosa is ready. All we want is the kids to sit and eat a healthy and a proper meal.


Children's Books

Poetry Books for 4- 9 Yr olds

Favorite Poetry Books for Kids

I have a love-hate relationship with poetry and am rather intimidated by poetry quite often. I want to my daughter to experience and learn to love poetry early on unlike me. Lot of children’s book have great rhyming words and serve as great starting point for exposing kids to the world of poems. Here are


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Make Your Own Parenting Syllabus

Parenting Syllabus

 A Typical Scene Kid#1 is being rushed to the soccer class while Kid #2 is throwing tantrum because he doesn’t want to wear the red t-shirt. He wants the one with the blue bird on it which happens to be in the washing hamper. Amidst all this confusion, I need to be packing the soccer bag,


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Comparing Children

Parents and Comparisons

Parents and Comparisons Parents keeping track in their child’s progress is normal and necessary. But, comparing our child’s progress to others is something that disturbs me a lot. We all want our kids to do well and succeed. But I feel each child is different from the other. We all know and agree with that but when it