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Namaste Mumbai

Namaste Mumbai

Namaste Mumbai  Authors: Rachana Chandaria-Mamania , Kavita Bafana  Illustrator:  Sandhya Prabhat  Publisher: Little Ustaads As a former mumbaikar, I love reading picture books on Mumbai. And it is doubly fun when I can read it with my 6 yr old daughter and she identifies places and things in the book because of a trip we made


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Happy Holi – A Podcast, Books, Recipes and a Coloring page!

Holi Round Up

Happy Holi! Here is a round up of all things Holi that we have found, created and loved this year ! 1. Balgaatha Holi Podcast  Balgaatha is a podcast of kids stories from India. We loved their Holi edition with stories of Holika Dahan and Radha and Krishna. They also mention other stories of why


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Vimaneaa Diaper Bag – For the Moms By a Mom

Vimeneaa Diaper Bag

Happy Women’s Day to all! On this occasion, we are excited to introduce this awesome diaper bag designed by a mom. Here comes the Vimaneaa Diaper Bag. We got an opportunity to talk to Madhu, the women behind this venture. Please check out both the product review and interview below. We would like to thank



Cooking Esoteric and Exotic Dishes

Cooking Exotic Dishes

There is a trick for cooking esoteric dishes – dishes that will wow your guests and surprise yourself – Cook something from a distant land. Now present it and people will look at it with wonder. This surprise element is especially useful during potluck dinners. What the amateur cook can do is create his average-tasting dishes by


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We Speak to Anjum Rana and Sameer Kulavoor

Anjum Rana Sameer Kulavoor

Anjum Rana is a Pakistan-based interior designer who works with truck artists on furniture, walls, household objects as well as objects d’art. Through the initiative Tribal Truck Art, she has helped develop opportunities and contexts for truck artists to practise their craft in sustainable ways. She is committed to bringing this art into mainstream cultural


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India’s First Companion Robot for Children is here!

Miko - India's first companion Robot

Have you noticed little kids and the Roomba, the little robotic vacuum cleaner? My daughter loves the vacuum cleaner, calls it roomby affectionately, chases it and informs me if “he” has “eaten” anything that has caused “him” to stop. “Roomba!”, she will say with her hands on her hips “I have told you a million



Toka Box is here!

Toka Box Launch

I love this song from the movie Kochadaiyaan, especially for its lyrics. It’s an inspiring song which conveys that, “Change is the only constant and it is inevitable”. Same goes for our Treasure Box as well. The idea of Treasure Box germinated in a Whatsapp conversation in 2015. It didn’t take long for the idea


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Grab & Go Breakfast with belVita Biscuits


We all know that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Starting our day with a proper breakfast helps in burning the calories throughout the day and it also helps us to focus throughout the day.  With a hectic and crazy morning schedule, most of us ignore breakfast. But how about a


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Best Books of 2016 for 9+ Yr olds

Best Books of 2016 for 9+ yr olds

Simply Nanju Some books leave a deep impression in our minds. They have the ability to touch our hearts in a wonderful way and make us think about life differently. For me, Simply Nanju by Zainab Sulaiman, published by Duckbill Books, is one such book. Read More… Buy Now: Amazon USA | Amazon India  Koobandhee


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Best Books of 2016 for 4-9 yr olds


Book we loved this year! Raza’s Bindu Raza’s Bindu is a fabulous picture book by Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai. It is an excellent effort to make Raza’s art accessible to children. From a brief introduction on how the “bindu” became the central theme of Raza’s paintings, the book takes us through his paintings. Read More… Raza’s Bindu


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Best Books of 2016 for 2-4 yr olds


Books we reviewed and loved this year! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! illustrated by Kaori Takahashi and published by Tara Books is a quirky delight. The story unfolds literally as the books folds out. A book that takes you on a literal and imaginative adventure, you will never know what you will find when you open that


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The First step to Passing on a Greener world to our Children: Surround Yourself with Greenery!

Green Homes

This is a sponsored post What do we owe our children? What do we owe to our children? How did we spend our childhood? If we start thinking about it, we realize that we owe them a clean atmosphere and space to run around and play freely. Nowadays children are given so many toys to


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5 Children’s Books on Ramayana for Diwali

Children's Books on Ramayana

Amma Tell Me About Diwali Recommended Age 2-7 yrs  Amma tells little Klaka a magical story about Diwali. This book attributes the origins of Diwali to return of Rama after His victory over Ravana completing his 14 years of exile.The Ramayana is told in couplet form and is a good introduction to the epic. It also


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Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Lets Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Diwali, albeit one of the biggest festivals in India, is celebrated differently by different parts of India. Growing up, for us Diwali was just for one day and involved waking up before sunrise, taking an oil bath and wearing new clothes. Then it was off to burst some crackers, temple and Diwali Bakshanam eating! As


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The Transition from “I kind of feel like cooking” to “I must cook now”


As days progress, even the most disorganized cook develops some dependents, people who are equally unwilling to discipline themselves. Or have been thrown by serendipity into a dependence on the amateur cook. And are willing to go along with the amateur experimentation either out of love or laziness. The transition from “I kind of feel like cooking” to