Have you ever wished that you could get your favorite food without slogging in the kitchen? Ever craved for that perfect dish you used to get in your hometown but now not available in the city where you stay? Something delicious but time consuming? Something that you had during your holidays to an exotic place but not available back home? Something you want now?!?!

When I was pregnant and away from home, I used to crave for mom made food big time. I also used to crave for proper pani-puri, paneer tikkas, daabeli, vada pao, baked pasta in white sauce with cheese generously sprinkled on top!! I wanted it all!! But sadly I couldn’t find all of it in the city I used to stay in. I learnt to make some of these and for the others I waited till I reached home!!

So tell us about something that you always craved but didn’t get around your home. Something that you want your neighbourhood restaurant to serve!!

Send in the name of your favorite dish to us and stand a chance to win the Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500/- from Just Eat!! Using this voucher you can order food from your favorite neighbourhood restaurant in the cities of Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore!!! If you wish you can gift the voucher to your loved ones!!

Just Eat is a food delivery website that lists more than 2500 restaurants. You can read more about my personal experience with Just Eat here.

This is how ordering with Just Eat works:

JE_How it works

Sounds delicious?! Let’s get started with the rules:

1) You have to leave the name of your favorite dish in the comment

2) The last date to send the dish name is 25th January

3) Contest open only for folks in India

Thats it 🙂

Start writing folks 🙂

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  1. hitchwriter

    Oh the craving part when I am watching a street food or any other food show is crazy!

    When I see a tortilla being munched on by someone I am like… a Puddle of drool!!!!
    Something about those wraps that just wants me to grab it from the guy in tv and start chomping on! 😀 😀