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Yesterday was my daughter’s First Day in First Grade. I was going through my old posts on Mothers Gurukul. This one is for all the parents whose kids have entered Kindergarten this year. It’s a different feeling…isn’t? I have experienced it last year. In the following I have written one line ‘I am surprised how time has flown or should I say how time flies (as there will be many more such moments)’. Yesterday was the same.

Whether it be KG, 1st Grade or 5th Grade, first day of school is always special..

This is for your read….

If I am not wrong then she turned Five so She is the one who will be starting..right? Then why am I feeling little different? Are these Kindergarten blues? I remember when I first started to blog that time my daughter was 2 ½ and I wrote my first blog on her first day at preschool. And today when she is 5, I am again writing something similar. Just the Pre word is no longer there, now it is the actual school. That time I was happy to see the curiosity in her eyes for her new and very first school. And today I am surprised how time has flown or should I say how time flies (as there will be many more such moments). Getting a letter in the mailbox having Kindergarten information made me realized that okay..my little girl is 5 now. Frankly speaking, for a moment I felt why she turned five so quickly. But that’s how it is.

This emotional roller coaster has started 3 months ago when I went to get her registration form. Seeing the school was quite overwhelming. Mera chhotu batchha (my little girl) will be going to this big school now!! I guess every parent goes through this. Even though we know that eventually the kid has to step out of the preschool and will go to a proper school. But still we all go through this.

A Night before Kindergarten:

Until now I was using the words – “night before Christmas” and reading books to my daughter telling about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, gift from Santa etc. All this sounds so festive. But when the word Christmas gets interchanged with Kindergarten?-it changes the entire mood. Festive feel gets converted into 1st day of school feel.

Today is the day:

She was very happy and excited. I dropped her inside the class. Thanks to the school that they allow the parents to drop their kids inside the classroom for first two days. Otherwise it will always remains a mystery that what do they do once they get inside. As I have expected my daughter was very relaxed.

Okay so night before kindergarten, 1st day of school all done. Now what? I had lots of plans about what I will do after coming back home. I had few pending articles for the website. But surprisingly, I was not able to concentrate. For last three months I had my little friend with me all the time. We had lunches together, did coloring, watched movies, and did shopping etc. The back seat was always occupied but today I was the only one in the car. Coincidentally, one of my friends has posted a very touchy poem on 1st day of School. She has explained how we feel when your kid is at school, when you know that now you have all the liberty and time to do whatever you want but still you don’t feel like doing. And believe me it happened with me yesterday. I once again realized the importance of anybody’s presence. I read her poem yesterday and after reading half of it my eyes were filled with some emotional water drops what we call tears that rolled down and parked themselves on my cheeks.  I was waiting for 3:00. And here it was. She was with me on the back seat telling all about her 1st day. And once again my car, my house and the entire place got filled with words, stories and songs…

So to all the parents  HAVE A GREAT YEAR AHEAD!!

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