How can we divide seventeen camels among three people? Interesting huh? STEM reads are always great additions to the library. The Will is a wonderful book that tells a story through numbers.

The Will” written by Anis Azmi and illustrated by Juhi Agarwal published by Pratham Books solves this puzzle. 🙂 It is translated from Hindi by Pragya Gopinath.

The Plot:

In a small town in Egypt, there lived a man named Abdullah bin Saad with this wife Rukaiya Khatoon and three sons. He worked with camels, and had the finest camels. He sold them at the cattle fair to earn money and then reared more. Thus, he grew his herd.

As he grew old, Abdullah decided to write a will which contained both vasiyat (legacy/property) and naseehat (advice). After his death, his sons found it and they read the naseehat first, and they came to the vasiyat. It was quite confusing,

This is what he had mentioned, ” The healthiest and most handsome will go to my wife and remainder will be divided between my sons. The first will get half of the remaining camels after my wife has taken one, the second one will get one-third, and the third one will get one-ninth”.


The Puzzle:

Abdullah had 18 camels and after his wife takes one, 17 camels are left. But how can his first son take half of 17 camels? What do the sons do? Who and how they solves this puzzle forms the remaining story?

Errr, sorry I cannot reveal the entire story right?

This is a perfect book for the level three readers who are ready to read on their own and an excellent read for all the math lovers.


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