We were desperately on the lookout for books for our son when he started to try reading on his own. A good friend of ours introduced as to a whole beginner reader series called Captain Awesome.

Until that point, I did not know there were books that catered to beginner readers with themes that would be very much aligned to their interests. Who doesn’t love stories about heroes? Even better, if the hero in the book is almost the same age as the reader and doing a whole variety of heroic things that totally fit into the reader’s imagination.

Beginning Reader

Most kids find it hard to learn to read on their own. Even after they have learnt the different sounds and learnt to combine them, it takes them time to read and that time delay totally ruins the fun element in a book. They probably think that it is so much easier to have an adult read out to them as always, while they absorb the story by observing the illustrations.

If they have access to a beautiful collection that matches their imagination and interests, the transition is much easier. They may ask to be read the same books over and over again. But, experts point out that it is actually a good sign. This indicates that they are trying to grasp the text and the story together.

Leaning on Library

Having read that advice over and over again, we realised that we had read our small collection of books available at home over and over again. Our son was losing interest in some books as they no longer were fascinating. Sooner or later, we knew we had to find an alternate source as it was not practical to keep buying books.

With some effort we found an excellent local library which opened our reading minds to a variety of beautiful books like Olivia, Elephant and Piggie etc. Unfortunately, the library could not sustain itself and they shut down. We were back to square one.

Online Reading

That’s when my mom referred us to an online library app called GetEpic. We are so grateful that she did as it enabled us to access several beautiful books that we had never ever seen in our local Indian book stores. The first month is free, so that gave us a full month to explore and see if it works for us at all. A couple of days into it, we were hooked. The best part is that once every week, a new set of books get added. We can’t wait to see what the new books are available each week.

It’s been awhile since we subscribed. I am happy to say that we have moved on from elementary picture books to more advanced chapter books. Of late, we are slowly making the transition to non-fiction as well.

Although he reads on his own, we still make time to sit together and ponder over interesting finds.

This week, I found a book which I think he will love. Waiting for him to get back from play, so that we could settle down on the couch to read together, my latest find – History’s Greatest Warriors- Ninja.

Lakshmi Mitter is a children’s picture book author. She is currently creating custom picture books for children based on their specific interests and reading levels. More about the project in http://lakshmimitter.com

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