A new school year kicks off pretty soon (post-Harvey) and it means new classrooms, new backpack, new teachers new friends and their parents. As a rather anti-social parent, I dread this time of the year. I hate socializing and making small talk with other parents. Parent relationships are laced with undercurrents and are no fun.

Here are some strategies I use to deal with other parents,

Selective socializing

Easiest tip ever. There is no need to socialize with every parent in your child’s class and no need to try to be active on WhatsApp groups. In fact, I rarely socialize with other parents. I see them at school events and share small talk.

Do not compare

Easier said than done. Many of us tend to compare our child’s performance and achievements with other kids. It becomes a habit and inevitably leads to falling out often. Accept that there will be other children who are better than yours and work on improving your child’s skills without comparisons.

Your child, your rules

What works for your family, may not work for others. Accept it and educate your child on that. You can also dictate rules only to your children. Expecting other kids (and their parents) to follow the high standards you set for your family is expected to backfire.

Gossip is a no-no

Get a group of parents together and gossip inevitably flows. Do not encourage gossip. It is not healthy for parent relationships. Always remember, people who gossip to you will gossip about it. Stay away from gossip and relationships with other parents will be easier.

Say No

We often say yes when we want to say no. It is totally fine to say no to another playdate or carpool if you cannot do it. It will make your days much happier and give you strength to plow through the yet another crazy school year.

How do you deal with other parents?

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