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On this occasion, we are excited to introduce this awesome diaper bag designed by a mom. Here comes the Vimaneaa Diaper Bag. We got an opportunity to talk to Madhu, the women behind this venture. Please check out both the product review and interview below.

We would like to thank Supriya for this wonderful review.

My Diaper Bag Hunt

My search for a diaper bag started early in my second trimester. I purchased, tried and returned many bags (thanks to Amazon). I didn’t find one bag that fit all my needs, but I finally settled for one that checked out most of my needs.

Given all my experience, when I was asked to review this bag, I was more than happy to do it.

Here are my thoughts on the Vimaneaa Diaper Bag.

Vimeneaa Diaper Bag 1


When I received the package and opened it, I loved how the bag looked. It wasn’t anything like the regular diaper bags we have seen. It looked more formal, like a bag one could carry to work. I could carry my diaper bag to work and no one would know!

The bag also came with an extra strap so that I could use it as a crossbody bag. I wish I could have received a different color. 😉

Space/ Storage

I will give this bag a 5 star rating for space. The well-thought and planned design of Vimaneaa has lots of storage space for all the random things a baby and mother seem to need. In fact, there was so much space that I fell short of items to put in :).

It was very evident that this bag was designed by a mom who had used other diaper bags before and was aware of the issues.

Vimeneaa Diaper Bag 2

Diaper Zipper

This is an excellent idea, but it wasn’t as convenient as I thought it would be. I was happy keeping my diapers in the back pocket of the bag.

Trash Roll Pocket

I really liked this feature. It was very convenient to remove the roll and dispose the dirty diapers.


I have used this bag for a week now, so won’t be able to comment on the durability. But by the looks of the material, it surely doesn’t seem like one that will rip off in a month’s use.

Things I wish the Vimaneaa Diaper Bag had

Insulated bottle holder

This was the major thing I missed in this bag. Storing the pumped milk bags along with ice pack was a hassle. This bag does have space, so eventually, I tucked my insulated storage pack into the diaper bag.

Wipes pull-off pocket

It would have really nice to see a sturdy pocket for wipes to be stored. It is  not a must but would be really convenient.

Water-Resistant diaper pocket

I had put the diapers inside the bag in a neat line, so that it’s easy to pull out. But I ended up having a bottle with an open cap and all my diapers were wet. They absorbed the liquid and swelled up, and I couldn’t pull them out.

  Vimeneaa Diaper Bag 3

Direct Dil Se with Madhu

IMC: From Hardware Engineer to a Bag Designer… How did it all start?

Madhu: I was a hardware engineer for 10 years. But the last 2 years of my 10-year career, led to what I am doing right now. I found myself lost and stuck and burned out. I tried to lift myself up but I just could not. With demanding work, a kid at home and another on the way, I thought it’s time to put a heavy foot down on my career.

The thought itself was very scary. We had to go from two paychecks to one.  Apart from this, I have always been working or studying thus far in my life, so my husband was worried that I would not be able to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom.  I convinced my husband that we could do financially survive with some adjustments to our lifestyle.  Also with little on the way, I did not want to trouble my parents or in-laws to come and take care while I slog again.

Things were not easy. I had to learn to be a stay-at-home mom :). To be connected, I started blogging and connecting with other moms.  So that’s how my career as hardware engineer ended.

The idea of diaper bag came few months before I left my job. A few years back, when I was looking for a diaper bag for my son I was not happy with any diaper bags, I would pay 50-80$, and they would still end up being like a diaper bag. I had to carry a diaper bag, a handbag and other stuff too when I went out.

So, I always knew I had to find something better this time around. One fine day, when I was still working I was like ” Ok I am going to design a diaper bag” (totally weird Eureka moment) and that was the beginning of my Vimaneaa Diaper Bag Design!

My main aim was to come up with a better bag that will be reasonably priced and be both functional and stylish.  It became obvious to me that I need to get one done before my daughter was born.

IMC:  The Mompreneur journey is not as easy as we know.  What difficulties did you face and how are you tackling them?

Madhu: Being a mom means one is being pulled into millions of things from all directions. You have tons of things on your plate. I am still learning to organize and be good at each of these challenges.  But here is my take!

I am a MOM and I can never be perfect. The sooner I embraced it, the saner I became!

  • TIME remains my No.1 challenge. This is not something new in the morning world (I just made that word up)!   My suggestion would be to analyze your day and find the pockets of time when you can work on something or when you find some me time and just pounce on it!
  • The other challenge I had was  productivity. You have time, now the question you have to ask yourself is “are you productive?”.Train yourself to shut everything out and do what you have to.  You could have just 20 or 30 minutes. How well are you going to use this time?  Every minute I am waste, is time I am taking away from my kids. So, am training myself to be brutal with my time and concentrate on what I was doing.
  •  I was so wrong about getting multiple things done. I would start three things and would end up completing none. So I kept telling myself, Just do one thing! Because of this, my to-do list has gone down and the feeling that I finished a thing gave me a lot of peace of mind.
  •  The other challenge is mom guilt.   I am trying to overcome this and learning to let go this guilt. I am training myself to be at the moment and to be mindful. When I am withy family, I am learning to be with them completely and not let mind think of other things.

These were my challenges. These might not be the same for other moms. It’s all about finding what the issue is and fine tuning yourself to be better.

IMC: We liked the concept of the Vimaneaa Diaper Bag. Why did you choose to design a diaper bag first?

Madhu: Thanks for the feedback. It always feels awesome when the product which is totally your baby gets some love!

We all have to start somewhere. It’s not about choosing but it’s about what comes to your mind. How are you helping yourself by helping others? Diaper bag might not be an exciting project or product. But it’s solving some pain points that moms have.

IMC: What are future plans for Vimaneaa? 

 Madhu: I do have some plans which unfortunately I cannot disclose at this point of time. But the future does look exciting!

IMC:  Finally, what is your message for aspiring mompreneurs?


  • Never Give up. Things take time. Just stay on it.
  • Don’t try to do too many things. As a mom, I know about to-do lists and high priority items. Take baby steps. This needs some training.
  • Keep learning and reading. This is a major factor in anyone’s success. You might not become an expert overnight, but you will be a better than you were yesterday.
  • Fear of something: Accept the fact that no matter what you do there is always a fear. Just take that step forward, even when your brain tells you to stop. Soon that fear will disappear.
  • There is no perfect time. The ideal time was yesterday. Start Now!

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