Picture this. You have a multi-talented child. He’s thriving at school, he’s a pro at chess, he gets medals in Taekwondo championships, he’s growing into an excellent dancer and he can converse with just about anyone, on any topic.

A rosy picture you’d say! Well, I beg to differ.

While I appreciate the many talents of my toddler, he’s still giving me sleepless nights. Why, you ask? Let me put it this way, when you see a child with so much potential you can’t help but wonder (at every step) ‘Am I giving her the best education and grooming?’, Am I giving him the right exposure/ training? But how can one be sure?

The plight of a software engineer

As a mother, I want nothing but the best for my child. As did my parents. Right after I finished my schooling, my father advised that I should appear for engineering entrance exams and I did. I cleared the exam – became a software engineer and 10 years later here I am, a successful writer! I am not the engineer my father thought I was destined to become. And I must confess I love every aspect of my work.

To reach where I am today, I worked a couple of years as a software engineer, a job I detested with every fiber of my being. Then I tried out a couple of different professions and after years of experiments, it became clear to me that writing is my labor of love.

The concern of a worried parent

I don’t want my child to knock on ten different doors to find the right profession like I did. Since childhood, I’d like to identify where his interests and aptitude lie and I’d like to facilitate him in the right direction with the right knowledge at hand. This is where Aviva Kid-o-scope comes into the picture.

The Aviva Kid-O-Scope experience

As a blogger mom on IMC, I recently got the opportunity to experience the Aviva Kid-o-scope program before it gets launched for the rest of the world. You can find out more about it here. The program:

  • Identifies – The inherent aptitude of a child with proprietary psychometric assessments.
  • Nurtures – The identified talent with personalized guidance.
  • Enables – Parents to undertake financial planning with the Aviva Education Cost Calculator

In my case, the aptitude test report helped me figure out the right hobby classes, toys and activities for my son. His assessment report stated, He is innovative and interactive and should look at professions with a creative bend. I also used the ‘Education Cost Calculator’ to gauge the future cost of his education.

Long story short

Picture credit: Aviva India Blog

Picture credit: Aviva India Blog

In our country most parents are unaware of the right career path for their child. To add to the dilemma, 81% of these parents aren’t aware about the cost of higher education in the future. I suppose in such a state of massive confusion both parents and children can benefit from an initiative like Kid-o-scope. With Kid-o-scope I have found:

  • A partner that has helped me in identifying the unique aptitude of my child
  • And the key to sound sleep, knowing my child is going and growing in the right direction.

To know more about Aviva Kid-o-Scope, click here.
Featured image credit: Pixaby

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