My kid is now 2.5 yrs old. I have waited too long to ‘begin’ potty training for him. The internet supplies a surfeit of  information, and it’s hard to find the right practice. This book, The Ultimate Parenting Guide to Potty Training, by Kiwi Family Media came handy just in time.

What is in the book?

You might be a complete novice to potty training methods but can still pull off the feat with the help of this life-saving guide. It details every aspect of potty training- as in; when to start, what to buy, how to prep, do’s and don’ts, best practices, the most common methods (tried and tested), all possible solutions and alternate methods.
I love that this guide covers not just the methods and guidelines on potty training but also suggests how to address problems like regression, constipation and encopresis, physical complications, tackling a resisting child, how to train a special needs child and even training for multiples. As a bonus, bed-wetting problems and solutions are also mentioned. A few questions, special cases, real-time scenarios with kids of various age groups are discussed.
To sum it up all, I truly find it the one stop solution for all that is related to ‘pee’ and ‘poo’, rightly named the ULTIMATE guide. I could not think of a potty scenario/case that is not dealt with in this book.
Oh! I  also loved ‘The better hygiene’ printable (which had rhyme suggestions for washing and drying hands) and the ‘potty training sticker chart’ printable. This is by far the most useful book I have read. And yay!! My boy started with his nappy-free days! A worthy buy!!!
Featured Image Source: Kiwi Family Website

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