We love art activity books from Tara Books!  Following their books, 8 Ways to Draw an Elephant and 8 ways to Draw Fish comes Twins!

What happens when an animal meets its twin? Do they play? Do they fight? Or do they share?

Combining drawing and storytelling, the book encourages kids to not only draw mirror image pictures but also imagine what the twin animals might be up to.



The book also provides prompts to help kickstart their imagination or kids can come up with their own stories about what the animals can do. My daughter had a great time writing the dialogues between the twin whales! 


The animal illustrations in the book are based on Pithora art! A great to explore original folk art from traditions that we may not always have access to. Twins - Pithora art

Highly recommended. Especially for lazy afternoons of screen-free time, drawing and making stories! Get it this summer!


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