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Finding a tutor with solid teaching credentials is hard. Parents often have a tough time keeping up with the new age curriculum of their children. They want to hire tutors who can help deal with the situation, but finding the perfect tutor is a nagging anxiety. The right tutor should promise reliability, a good track record and safety. He or she should also bring quality to the table. It’s hard to come by such excellent, all-round tutors. Parents end up spending hours asking around, combing the local newspapers, or surfing the Internet to find ‘the’ tutor for their children.

That could now be a thing of the past, though. With ed-tech start-ups launching digitally integrated platforms, students and parents can scout for tutors in their locality. This makes it so much easier to make an informed choice. These apps provide reviews and ratings for each tutor, which help parents and students make informed decisions.

Tutors according to every school level

To provide ease, the tutors are given certifications. They are categorized as tutors who provide services for primary, secondary, and higher secondary learning levels, as well as undergraduate courses. They are also grouped according to their expertise. For instance, they may be expert teachers in the CBSE, ICSE, GCSE and IB domains, along with SAT, GMAT and GRE qualifications. The certified tutors go through a rigorous teacher scrutiny process. This involves proficiency tests, an online or offline interview, and a full background check conducted by external agencies. This makes sure that students are entrusted in safe hands.

One such start-up is GuruQ. It is one of India’s first platforms to provide quality-certified and user-rated tutors. Parents and students also get to rate and review the tutors based on their personal experience. This can help parents make an educated decision. They can refer to the reviews and the ratings put up by people who have already learned from the tutor. The platform also allows parents to evaluate tutors through automatically recorded online sessions. It then becomes possible to use the feedback to enhance the entire learning ecosystem.

With the coming in of such platforms, parents have heaved a sigh of relief. Many say that earlier, looking for a good tutor made them wary because it meant depending on word-of-mouth or simply choosing through the Internet. With platforms like these, the process has become easier because parents can choose tutors after reading up on other people’s opinions and reviews. When a qualified team certifies and reviews a tutor, it becomes much easier to trust them and make a better choice. It also saves the hassle of doing a background check.

Platforms that connect students with teachers

Ms. Minal Anand, Founder and CEO, GuruQ

Ms. Minal Anand, Founder and CEO, GuruQ

Platforms like GuruQ have addressed the need for a single, simplified and cohesive ed-tech solution that provides both online and offline tutoring.  Also, students can now leverage the freedom of working on subjects at their own time and line-up a comprehensive schedule because these apps also help them manage timetables and assess progress.

Students mention that these apps are of tremendous help because they provide the option of taking classes online or offline. Also, they allow to pick from of a wide range of certified tutors with just a click. Most importantly, they help manage and schedule classes and send and receive assignments online. Online assignments is definitely an important consideration especially for students from higher classes since it helps save up on precious time enhancing productivity.

For parents who fret over their child’s development, these platforms also offer a system where they can access progress reports of their children on a regular basis to keep a tab on the performance.

Vetting a tutor for quality

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The biggest plus is that these platforms bring in a steadfastness in the whole tutor search. They are common grounds for students and qualified tutors to meet and have access to unique tools. These tools help organise classes, provide updates on various trends in education, and offer interaction with tutors. Also, they are a far more secure alternative because the platform logs in and records all interactions.

With technology melting boundaries of all kinds, education sector too has transformed. These new age Ed-tech apps have made life easier for parents as well as students and are now revolutionizing the tutor market.

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