We picked our top board books and top chapter books for 2017. How can we miss our favorite part – picture books!

Girl Power

Nina The Neighborhood Ninja

One of the very first books we review for 2017 was Sonia Panigrahy’s Nina the Neighborhood Ninja.

Picture books sorely lack girls having adventures and being represented as smart and courageous and more. When it comes to representing Indian girls this way, there are even fewer books. Can you think of one? This book gets our vote not only because it fills this gap, but it was a hit with my 6 yr old daughter. Read the full review

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Folk Art

We love Tara books because not only are their books colorful and vibrant, but they also use indigenous folk art from India in a lot of their illustrations. Here are a couple of books we loved the most, though frankly we loved all of their books this year!

8 ways to draw a fish

The fish is explored from an artists viewpoint using various folk art techniques. Meena, Gond, Madhubani, Patua and Bhil are some of the art forms explored. Read the Full Review and Peek inside the book.

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A Village is a Busy Place

A Village is a Busy Place is a stunning new activity book from Tara Books. The illustrations are in the Bengal style of Patua scroll painting and depicts life in a village of the Santhal people, one of India’s largest indigenous communities. Read the full review here

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Indian Festivals

Leelas Diwali clbrt

We loved this book for a refreshing take on Diwali celebrations. Diwali books that we have read have always been the celebrations from the 5 day style of celebrations more common in the north of India. India’s diversity is mind-blogging and this book wins a point for its representation of the celebrations in the South. The book is crisp and fun for little kids.

This book is an option for the Toka Celebrate Diwali Boxes!

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Celebrate Holi With Me

The Author Shoumi Sen brings out the ancient story of why Holi is celebrated in her book to go along with all the fun elements of Holi, which will appeal to most kids. My 5 yr old loved flipping the pages and said she loved the part where all the kids get to eat some yummy sweets 🙂 This is the future of Indian story telling, one that tells the age-old tales and yet keeps it fresh and appealing to the next generation. Read the Full Review

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Folk Tales

Pattan's Pumpkin

Pattan’s Pumpkin is a Traditional Flood Story from Southern India. Pattan is the elder of the ancient Irular community in Kerala. If you speak Tamil or Malayalam you’d know that it is a word for Grandfather. Set in the valleys of the Sahayadri mountain ranges, Pattan’s Pumpkin tells the story of Pattan and his wife living in harmony with nature.

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