I can’t believe we already in the middle of the December and will be bidding farewell to 2017 soon. At the same time, it is the time of the year where we do the bests of 2017.

Last week we shared the best board books of 2017, and now here we are with the top chapter books of 2017.

This 2017, we reviewed quite a few chapter books that are perfect for kids 9+, right from mythology to comic series to mysteries to inclusive children’s first series from Duckbill.

Here are our favorite chapter books of 2017.

Feather Tales – Talon The Falcon, by Deepak Dalal


For a story to be well-liked and much in demand, it needs to be about something that children will relate to or something they want to know about; and most importantly, something extraordinary that will blow their minds away! And stories from Deepak Dalal’s Feather Tales collection fall just in this category! Especially, Talon the Falcon – a tale of friendship, bravery, courage, kindness and the essential goodness of heart!

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The Assassin Nuns and the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay by Manisha Anand


This fun and exciting contemporary superhero book- The Assasin Nuns and the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay written by Manisha Anand & published by Puffin Books India. It is a classic tale as well as a contemporary superhero story, especially female superhero’s story. Don’t we need more female superhero novels?

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The Case of the Careless Aliens by Archit Taneja


The Case of the Careless Aliens is a hilarious read for kids aged 11+. Sixth graders and super sleuths, Rachita and Aarti, are on a mission. Are the economist aliens in town? Will the Superlative Supersleuths be able to solve the mystery? The author has taken efforts and worked STEM into the book. Weaving maths and physics topics seamlessly into the story makes it an exciting read.

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Rulebreaker’s Club – The Ghost Who Wasn’t There by Sowmya Rajendran


‘The Ghost Who Wasn’t There’ written by Sowmya Rajendran and illustrated by Arun Kumar Kaushik is for children in the ages between 9 and 14. The story is about how a group of five friends trying to find a ghost end up solving a bank heist. A cute little dog called Spike and a cat called Kunti Devi are a part of this plan too. This book with lovely instructions is a fun read.

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Manya Learns to Roar by Shruthi Rao


Manya Learns to Roar written by Shruthi Rao and illustrated by Priya Kurian is the part of the Children’s First Series which focuses on the inclusive children’s content. This book won the Children First Writing competition, organized by Parag, an initiative of Tata Trusts and Duckbill books. It’s a story of a stammering fifth grader and how she overcomes her stage fear. Let’s support and welcome more books like these to build an inclusive world without any differences.

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The Boys Who Fought | The Mahabharata for Children By Devdutt Pattanaik


The India’s favorite and famous mythologist brings the retelling of the Mahabharata in his unique style. Targeted at kids – The Boys Who Fought, The Mahabharata for Children by Devdutt Pattanaik and published by Puffin books is our next pick. A perfect thought-provoking read for all mythology lovers and excellent book for young readers who would like to get introduced to the great Indian epic Mahabharata.

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So tell us, what were your favorite chapter books from 2017?

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