I was so excited when I heard that Tinkle was coming out with a new edition. I was sure the book will be the perfect companion for my little boy. And Tinkle delivered!

I received a free copy of Tinkle, the opinions in this post are my own

Tinkle and my son

My son was super excited when the book arrived. He got right to business and glanced through the index to know what adventures and characters awaited him. His favorite hero in the series is Suppandi and so he was eager to read about what exciting adventures Suppandi is up to this time.

Tinkle helped us especially when we had to visit a relative’s house for a couple of days and my son was not at all happy about the trip.


Tinkle today

As always, the book was filled with adventures, fun and learning. The fortnightly magazine is stocked with folk stories, short stories, puzzles, jokes, and activities to put your little one’s mind to the task!

The book had a new series called Yog Yodhas which my son liked a lot. There was a section on the Mega Toon Mash Up which even I found fascinating.

My son enjoyed reading ‘Granny’s secret’ the best and he didn’t keep the book down even for a minute until went from cover to cover. It reminded him a little about his own granny and her amazing stories.

Why I recommend and love Tinkle

Our short trip was a rather relaxed and enjoyable thanks to Tinkle. And why not? It has been children’s favorite comic series since 50 years. We can’t help but fall in love with the remarkable characters in the book.

I suggest you carry this 50-page edition if your kid is looking out to spend the holidays on an exciting note as it promises all the Tinkle fun. For school-going children, the magazine is all the more beneficial to help them develop a love of reading.

On the whole, my son loved the book and it was a sure shot hit! He is already excited to get his hands on the next edition. So if an educational yet fun-filled book is what you are looking for to keep your child entertained, then the Tinkle series is definitely what you can bank on.

Bring your kids to Tinkle – where learning meets fun!

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