Kids love stories. And what’s not to love when it is funny with imagination soaring high. Story time is a great way to spend the hot summer days. The Tallest Tale by Anuskha Ravishankar is an ideal read for kids aged 4-7.

The Tallest Tale

About The Tallest Tale

The Tallest Tale is the story of a lazy young man Bundal who spends his whole day telling tall tales. Bundal weaves his magic on us with all his goofy tales until we are as dumbstruck as him with the deadlock situation he gets into. He finally learns the hard way that it doesn’t help to idle around.

The illustrations(Chetan Sharma) of the country side and people are delightful to look at. The expressions on their faces are amusing.

Can you tell tall tales too?

One of our favorite travel games is to weave a story by building it up one line at a time. Each player narrates exactly one line and the next one builds on it. It never fails to fascinate me to watch how my 4 year old’s imagination unfolds and how she borrows bits and pieces from all the stories that she has been read to. Am sure telling tall tales is going to be a delightful twist to this game.

Give it a try, giggles assured!

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