The Dance of the Flamingo written by Anita Mani, is a level 3 Pratham Book, that describes the world of the uncrowned queen of birds.

About The Dance of the Flamingo

This book serves as an encyclopedia of flamingos. Ever wondered where they got their shimmering color from? Can this bird loose its color?  Where did the flamingos get their name from? What and how do they eat? Did you know that they could swim and also fly just like the ducks? This book explains almost every question on your mind abot these birds-their appearances, abilities, diet, traits, tactics at safeguarding from predators, mating and reproduction, habitat, varieties and their distribution across the world.
They have shared many fun facts that relate to flamingos. Did you know of a dance that mimicked the movements of a flamingo? Would you mock me if I said that the flamingos run creches? And that they can survive extreme habitats.
The author ends with a note on the threat for extinction and calls for measures to preserve this beauty for years to come.

The Highlights

Unlike most children’s books, the images are photographs! Vijay Kumar Sethi has done a fabulous job with capturing the birds in action. They are picture-perfect and makes us fall in love with these stunning birds all over again. Appreciate the word look-ups and quick facts, which made reading a pleasure.
Featured Image Source: Pratham Books


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