Ronny the Bully, is the 3rd  book in TED, The Fire Engine series by Lakshmi Mitter.

IMC has had Ted, The Fire Engine with us for sometime now . Lakshmi Mitter had first put up her book, as a video story on IMC and later when the series became a book. We are glad that Ted has been a part of IMC story time !

In this book, Lakshmi Mitter subtly and effectively tackles the sensitive topic of ‘bullying’

About this book

Ted and his friends find out that a new fire engine is about to join them.They are very excited to meet him. But Ronny, the newbie is not that friendly. He is mean and does some nasty things to the other fire engines. Ted and his friends don’t like this and so they do things without Ronny. But that does not stop Ronny. He continues to be mean and to bully them.


One day, his best friend gets into trouble because of something Ronny does! That is when Ted and his friends together decide to be brave and teach Ronny a lesson.

How do they deal with Ronny the bully, do they manage to teach him a lesson, does Ronny change or not? Do read the book and find out.

Why We Recommend it

Lakshmi Mitter effectively tackles the sensitive topic of bullying. The book teaches kids how instead of being afraid of the bully, one should gather courage and figure out the reason behind it. The book is written in really simple language  that many young kids actually use and therefore can easily understand.

A must-read, I would say, especially for kids beginning school as well as their parents!

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