Do you talk to your infant everyday in the hopes that he or she will say that memorable first word or start speaking soon? Here are a few mistakes you could be making. 

So my ten month old seems to have caught on to this word ‘ta-ta’ That’s it..she just says that. I thought her first word would be Amma, but I guess I was wrong..her first word is ‘ta-ta’ Does that mean she is going to be a globe trotter and travelling and writing about her experiences? Sigh! A mother’s imagination eh?

I guess I should have tried harder to make her say Amma!

As per this latest research,”Parents who repeat words more often to their infants have children with better language skills a year and a half later.”

Additionally, my infant hears about four languages on a daily basis. I speak to her in Tamizh, Hindi and English, while her daycare teachers speak to her in Marathi and Hindi. My older one speaks to her in a mixture of Hindi, English and Gujarati.

How you should talk to your infant

But it’s not something I should be too worried about. Because the same research also examined the phenomenon of “code-switching,” wherein adults speak more than one language and “mix” those languages when speaking to their children. A lot of children are told that this type of language mixing is bad for children, but Professor Newman and her colleagues found that this “code-switching” has no impact on children’s vocabulary development.


An earlier article we researched on, talks about sequential and simultaneous bilinguals!

As per this website children love to repeat. 

Any action or any word is constantly repeated because it not only helps them process and remember the information but also gives them the idea of consequence of a certain action or word. Hence, it’s very important to keep communicating with the children as much as possible.

Should you do the cute baby talk?

Baby language is cute but it may become difficult to un-do the initial learning which kids have.

This website states the importance of talking normally to kids. Baby language is cute but it may become difficult to un-do the initial learning which kids have. Like my older one used to say ‘mechin mechin’ for the medicines she used to eat. We thought it was really cute and would keep telling her ‘eat mechin mechin’ It took us a good 1 year after she turned 5 to get her out of that habit!

So bottom line, talk a lot to your child. Talk in simple words. Talk in multiple languages as long as your making your intent clear.

Now I am getting to the brat #2 and talking to her dime a dozen!

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