The umbilical cord is the passage through which the foetus receives nutrition while in the mother’s womb.The cord is connected to placenta of the mother. After delivery, it is cut off through a painless process, which leaves a stump on the baby’s navel. This stump falls off on it’s own 7-21 days after birth.

But the umbilical stump needs a lot of care, so that it doesn’t lead to infection.

Here are few ways to take care of the stump and prevent infection.

Sponge Bath

Avoid giving your baby tub bath, as exposing the stump area to water for a long period may lead to infections. Hence it is advisable to give only sponge bath till the stump falls off and dries.

Avoid Onesies and Rompers

The stump area should not be covered, as it may lead to rubbing. Dress your baby in loose clothes and avoid clothes that cover the whole body like onesies.

Don’t touch

Avoid touching the stump and also advice the same to people who visit the newborn.

Use Diapers

Newborn Diapers are designed for specially and it doesn’t touch the stump area. Use them.

Clean the area

Always clean the area near the stump using a damp cotton. Make sure you pat the area dry after cleaning.

Contact your doctor

Seek medical help if you see pus around the stump or if the baby cries while cleaning the area around of the stump.

After the stump falls off

The area takes a few days to get dry. Follow the above mentioned precautions till it is completely dry. Once the stump falls off and the area is completely dry, your baby can enjoy the tub bath and wear the cute onesies.

Hope these tips will help you take care of the newborn. Remember, it is always advisable to follow your doctor’s suggestions and tips.

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