The schools close mid April and will reopen only mid June for most children in India. This means nearly 2 months of freedom from studies and routine. One of the things I make R do is painting. I agree it’s a beeegggg hassle because the cleaning work after it,is pretty bugging. But usually she helps clean up and so I don’t mind her sitting and painting.

We tried Sponge painting last year. The idea came from Sandhya who had met me and mentioned that her daughter A had taken up cut pieces of Sponge and dipped it in paint and put it all over a tshirt to make a pattern.

I did exactly the same thing with R.


1. A t shirt or even a pillow case or an apron or a plain piece of cloth
2. A sponge used for cleaning vessels cut into small squares or shape of your choice
3. Acyrlic paint of different colours
4. A newspaper to put between the t shirt as well as lay it on the ground to avoid excess cleaning


Actually it’s nothing. Just dip the sponge and place it on the t shirt/ cloth and press hard. Let it dry. If need be you can do a second coat after it dries up.
The brat loves to wear this T shirt and show off that she painted it. 🙂

PS – Forgive the poor picture quality. The phone camera seems to be misbehaving! 

Photo Credit : R's Mom

Photo Credit : R’s Mom


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