Here are some tips on how you can style your baby but keep it simple. The last thing you would want to do as a mommy is to make your baby wear uncomfortable clothing. But that doesn’t mean boring loose fit clothes . Make your munchkin stylish and comfortable, with these small but handy list of tips to start with:

  • My very first suggestion is to NOT get overexcited and buy a ton of clothes to start with. You will end up using only a handful because they will outgrow those in no time. At any given time between 1-3months you should have around 6-8 sets and good number of nappies. This frequency can double once your baby reaches 6 months milestone
  • Mix it up. You bought a pyjama set that doesn’t mean you can’t match it with any other trouser. Try print with plain
  • Onesies are always in style- keep them handy specially while travelling
  • No cheesy adult one liner shirts please. It makes your baby look stupid not smart
  • 3-6 months on the tag means this piece of clothing is NOT suitable for babies older than 6 months. Please don’t stretch it just because you love the colour of the shirt or anything!
  • Vests are a very good practice in India. Please continue that as the first layer of clothing before putting anything else on
  • Have at least 2-3 white coloured shirts/tees. If nothing else matches these will
  • Stylish doesn’t mean branded. You can get smart picks from your local baby store and make them look stylish. Infact those clothes will be unique to your baby unlike the branded ones which are available to every other mommy in the city or country.
  • Always keep your baby presentable. Again that does not mean stuffing your baby with clothing,it just means clean/washed and coordinated clothing
  • Recognise your baby’s signs. They will let you know if they are not comfortable in anything. You know what to do when that happens
  • If possible use a baby detergent to wash their clothing. Nowadays regular detergents come with all sorts of chemicals which are harmful to your baby’s soft skin. Baby detergents are relatively less harmful although does hurt your pocket
  • Get rid of old worn out clothes or the ones your baby has grown out of. The more you store them the more you will be tempted to use them. Undersized clothes specially pants may seem ok to make them wear but will get really tight on the waist
  • Never make your baby wear faded clothes. It’s a big turn off[socialpoll id=”2276901″]

Image credits: Vanillamommee


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