Looking for a fabulous sensory spice activity for the summer? We think this wonderful idea works throughout the year! 

Have you ever had an experience where your child has picked out those “black-black things” from their dal?

Well, we decided it is time to come up close and personal with the pantry staple in every Indian home – the ubiquitous spice box!

Smell precedes taste when it comes to food. To quote the Scientific American – “To our brains, “taste” is actually a fusion of a food’s taste, smell and touch into a single sensation”

And we wonder why we eat with our hands! 

So here we go! This sensory spice activity is one of many fun activities for kids in summer!

sensory spice indian spices

Make the Indian Spice Box now!

Download the printable and play this game! 

  • Cut out your spice cards from the printable
  • Stick/staple small packets of spices with tiny holes poked in them onto the white space provided. You can even directly glue it on.
  • Now see, smell and touch each one with your child. Talk about the spice – does it smell sweet or bitter or you can’t quite place it?
  • Now you can take turns to close your eyes and smell, touch and feel each spice and guess what it is. We have each spice name in Hindi and Tamil on the back of each card!
  • Don’t forget to talk about what recipe uses which spice. And what spices you ate for dinner or lunch!
  • Enjoy your weekend bonding over your rich food heritage!

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