Art is a way for children to learn about the world, record thoughts and ideas, and enhance academic learning. Kids often love creating new things. The process of making an art product is of great interest to any child. They readily put together and take apart objects of different materials to create something unique, just for the joy of exploring.

For example, when a child observes a flower and then sketches it down, he/she notices the details that he/she may not have considered before. The slight imperfections in the petals would raise questions like, what caused the holes in the petals? Why are some petals turning brown while others are not? He notes that the petal is a graduated color and accordingly will determine how he must portray this.

Benefits of arts and crafts for kids

Arts and Crafts are a major part of any preschool curriculum. Some parents truly understand its importance, while others feel it is a waste of money, time or both. Education is not really about cramming for exams, but encouraging creativity. Lets say, we are all about academics! Here is a report that proves why we should still encourage arts and crafts.

Demands concentration

The crafts are time consuming and completing them needs dedication.

Improves Communication

The process of crafting involves not only listening and following instructions but also discussing and sharing their products.

Encourages creativity

Arts and Crafts encourage with lots of scope for analysis, experimentation and discovery.

Includes planning and time management

Improves math skills

Sorting shapes, measuring, visualizing patterns and dimensions help improve math skills.

Improves self-efficacy

A sense of empowerment through accomplishment of tasks and visualizing thoughts.

Develops fine and gross motor skills

These form the basis for handwriting skills. It also improves bilateral coordination.

Improves mental health and wellness

Art time improves wellness and health even in people with disabilities.

Arts and crafts – A necessity in curriculum

In a report, “The Complete Curriculum: Ensuring a Place for the Arts and Foreign Languages in American’s Schools,” a study group from the National Association of State Boards of Education noted that a substantial body of research highlights the benefits of arts in curriculum and called for stronger emphasis on the arts and foreign languages.

There is a lot of evidence to state that kids involved in arts also do better in their academic tests.”If they’re (parents/teachers) worried about their test scores and want a way to get them higher, they need to give kids more arts, not less,” says Tom Horne, Arizona’s state superintendent of public instruction.

Appreciate the process, not just the product

Right from kindergarten, there is a reason kids are made to do crafts. But let’s do it right! Let’s encourage the kids to be creative instead of dictating terms and instructions. The process is more important than the product, a philosophy that we follow at Toka Box. If a child gets creative and does something else with the raw materials, do not slam them for deviating from the designated task. Rather, it is always good to encourage their creativity. Involve them in discussions and understand their thought process. Don`t be too hasty in offering help.

Benefits for the parents

There are some parents who may opt away from doing crafts with kids for petty reasons like to avoid messing the floor or the demand for the extra clean up work, but here is a good reason why they should start crafting along. Studies say that arts and crafts have similar effects of meditation. They can improve mental health, reduce depression, can help prevent cerebral atrophy and significantly delay dementia in adults.


So, get crafty!!! Be happy!!!

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