The Ghost Who Wasn’t There is the newest book in the Rulebreakers’ Club series written by Sowmya Rajendran. Read more about the book below.

About the Book

‘The Ghost Who Wasn’t There’ written by Sowmya Rajendran and illustrated by Arun Kumar Kaushik is a book for children in the ages between 9 and 14. The story is about how a group of five friends trying to find a ghost end up solving a bank heist. A cute little dog called Spike and a cat called Kunti Devi are a part of this plan too. This book has illustrations and is a fun read.

The Blurb

Who’ll let the dog out? The Rulebreakers Club is a gang of five stuck with the Worst Dog in the World. But they’ve finally found a way to get rid of him. All they have to do is catch a ghost and rob a bank. Oh, and they also have to save the world. Easy, right? Wrong! How are the Rulebreakers ever going to get out of the mess they ve got themselves into? And where will they find this phantom ghost?

The Ghost Who Wasn't There

The Plot

Five friends, Jaggu, Monica, Keerti, Tejas and Rishi are a part of the Rule breaker’s Club at school. They collectively own a non-cooperative dog called Spike. Prasanna, another boy from school, who assumes himself to be the saviour of the world, likes Spike a lot and wants to win the dog from the Rule breakers fair and square. So, he comes up with a plan.

Prasanna takes these friends to a haunted house where he had apparently seen a ghost. He challenges them to enter the house at midnight and if they also see a ghost as he did, then he would get to keep Spike. The Rulebreakers, itching to get rid of the dog, agree to this proposition. What happens when they get into the house and how they end up solving a mystery forms the rest of the story.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It was laced with humor much like Sowmya’s other books. Each of the characters in the story had unique characteristics (and unique names as well – Parijatham Rathore was one, Kunti Devi was another) which made them stand out.

The subtle jibes and sarcasm in certain places made me laugh out loud. Sowmya managed to bring in a lot of current happenings which coupled with her imagination and beautiful words. Thus, making the book an engaging read.

Also, the illustrations were really well done and complemented the story well.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. Do pick it up!

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