From Audio Books to Reading Buddies – Vinitha covers it all. She says – I have been asked by many how I manage to read so many books and make time for reading. I don’t have a formula for it but here are 5 ways to read more and reach those reading goals. 

Ways to Read More : Tips and Tricks that Work

We are nearing the end of February and it is the time when resolutions start fading away. This is the time I like to go back and reassess plans. I renew promises I made to myself.

Looking back into my 2017 plans and the past weeks , I am glad to see my reading on track. I have read 10+ books the first month of the year and it is definitely a promising trend. I haven’t read any “big” books just yet.

I have been asked by many how I manage to read so many books and make time for reading. I don’t have a formula for it but here are 5 ways to read more and reach those reading goals.

Audio Books

I joined the audio books bandwagon quite late and I am not the biggest fan till date. But I find audio books are great for road trips and commutes. I especially love listening to classics. Often I read a book and then listen to it. It is a totally different experience. I recently read The Hobbit and now I plan to listen to it along with my daughter. At 7, she isn’t ready to read The Hobbit but I am sure she will enjoy listening to it.

Often, reading a book and listening to it are two different experiences.

Carry a Book

This is probably the simplest and easiest way to read more. I always try to have a book with me. I usually have one in the car or my bag. I find that I read more when I have a book in hand. Recently, I found myself reading my book while waiting for the Spelling Bee contest at daughter’s school to begin.


Books on the Phone

I always load up my smartphone with a book or two (or more). E-books are great for those times when you don’t can’t open a paper book or forget the book. Like at nights when I am snuggling with my daughter and the lights are off. Yes, I know reading e-books is not like reading an actual book but I prefer to read than waste my time doing nothing.

Many of the classics are free for downloading on Amazon. I also borrow e-books from my local library.

Themed Reading and Challenges

I love a good challenge. The past few years I haven’t been a part of challenges as I find they take up a lot of time. But if you are looking to read more and need the extra push, join a challenge. There are numerous challenges hosted by various blogs. And then there is the Goodreads Challenge.

One of my travel resolutions is to read books set in places I travel to or works of authors hailing from those places. I recently read Emily Giffin’s First Comes Love. This book is set in Atlanta – a place I visited recently. I also plan to re-read Gone with the Wind written by Atlanta native, Margaret Mitchell.

Reading Time and Buddies

Having a dedicated reading time, is one of the best ways to read more. Set a timer for 15 minutes or whatever works for you and read. Do it regularly and soon you will find yourself reading more.

Like everyone else, readers need buddies too. A network of supporting readers is a great way to read more. I rely on Twitter for my support system. My Read 2017 plans are heavily influenced by book buddies. Hooray for book buddies!

How do you make reading a part of your daily life? Do you have tips to read more?

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