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The moment a child is born, the new parents are concerned about the care of the baby. Many questions start to pop up in their mind. The main one being – How to protect and care for the tender, sensitive skin of the baby. How to give the baby a bath – Whether to chose the traditional way or a modern method?

As a grandparent, even I was confused when my grandson was born. The old way of using besan and oil is outdated and we are not sure of the purity of the Besan available in the shops. We had just started using a baby soap, when one of my friends who came home suggested Aveeno!aveeno products

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo

One of my friends who came home said, ‘Why don’t you try Aveeno baby wash & shampoo, it is very nice and good on the baby’s skin’. We immediately bought it from Amazon and started using it from the very next day. It has a gentle, light fragrance and is soft and smooth on baby’s skin. Just take little in your hands add a little water, lather and apply on the baby during bath time and wash it off. It gives good lather. We pour little in bath water and use a wash cloth to clean the baby’s face as well. It is very soft and cleanses nicely without drying the baby’s skin. We are happy as we found a cleanser which is good for baby’s skin.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

We also got Aveeno Moisture Lotion as a gift, which helps to protect the soft delicate skin of the baby. Aveeno products are pediatrician recommended as well and come with natural ingredients and are also allergy tested! We would definitely recommend these baby products to other new parents as well.

This recommendation comes from Mrs Radha Sekhar, a mom and recently a second-time grandmom!

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