Practical life activities are excellent ways for children to work on their motor skills, concentration and independence. Discover how you can engage your child in a practical life activity like baking! 

My 2.4-year-old son baked a brownie for his dad to celebrate Father’s day 🙂. Why should girls have all the fun in the kitchen? Getting kids into the kitchen is a great Montessori inspired practical life activity. 

It is always pleasure to see such young kids working in the kitchen. Here is a video of my son baking a brownie. Watch the video to experience it 🙂


What is this activity all about?

Activities like baking are formally called practical life activities in Montessori terminology. They provide real life learning experiences for young kids.

What are practical life activities?

The word, practical means basic, useful, purposeful and the word life means the way of living. Hence, practical life activities are exercises for the child to learn how to do living, everyday activities in a purposeful way.

Children are naturally interested in activities they see around them. Dr. Montessori began using what she called “Practical Life Exercises” to allow the child to do daily life activities and adapt and orientate themselves in the society. Practical life exercises also help the child develop coordination. They understand movement, balance and gracefulness. They also help children appreciate the power of being silent.

Dr. Montessori saw the child’s need for order, repetition, and succession in movements and build these exercises. Because Practical life exercises are meant to resemble everyday activities, it is important that all materials be familiar, real, breakable, and functional. The materials must also be related to the child’s time and culture.

Benefits Of practical life activities

Practical life activities or exercises are a beginning point in the Montessori educative environment. They help the child’s physical, mental and moral development.

They help 

  • Develop the child’s concentration and fine and gross motor skills
  • Foster independence and developself-esteem
  • Establish order and appreciate limits of his environment
  • Develop a sense of responsibility
  • Aid the child appreciate culture and more
You can read more about practical life activities in Montessori HERE.
You should involve your kids in household chores according their age. It goes a long way in nurturing an independent, confident and empathetic human beings.
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