Have you ever had trouble figuring what memorable and unique gift to give the children of your close friends and family? I definitely have. The books, toys, and clothes are great, but sometimes you want to show your love and affection with something a little more valuable.
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Gempetit is a line of hypoallergenic 18k gold jewelry for infants, kids, and teens, founded by Dhriti Goenka. The pieces are adorable and classified into various collections. The collections and designs range from bugs, bees and flowers to stories and animals. The boys have something too, from lapel pins to kurta buttons. The designs use Italian enamel and elegant colors.

Kurta Buttons

They have a flagship store that opened recently in Mumbai’s Peddar road and I paid a visit.


I spoke to Dhriti about her inspiration. She says she started the jewelry lines when she ran out of gifting options that were stylish yet memorable and valuable.

For Babies

The cute earrings for babies come with safety backs, perfect for their first pair of earrings. They have personalized sets as well as sets that amount to 1 sovereign of gold used in traditional gifting. Grandparents take note! They also have nazariyas that you can twin with your child.


If as a mom, you do not let your daughter change earrings because of allergies to the artificial earrings that are available, you will love having hypoallergenic choices of earrings to replace the perhaps more traditional ones your daughter wears on a regular basis.

Gempetit.com is also online and offers 3-5 days of delivery across India with a bank transfer.

So whether is a naming ceremony, annaprashan, the big first birthday bash or even the perfect Rakhsa Bandhan gift, your options have now expanded greatly!

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