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Pickle Mania written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Shailaja Jain Chougule is book ideal for kids aged 4-9. The story features a small girl called Nitya who is fascinated by pickles.

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The Plot:

Nitya wants to taste the red, spicy lemon pickle that her grandparents eat. However, her paati (grandmother) says that the pickle is too spicy and cannot be eaten by children. Nitya sneaks in to have a taste of the pickles while her grandparents are away. But she encounters many hindrances that stop her from having a taste.

Finally, she begs and pleads with her grandmother to have a ‘licky lick, dippy dip’ of it. When Nitya tastes the pickle, she finds it spicy hot. The heat makes her nose run. Yet, the taste of the pickle lures her to try more.

Pickle Mania 2

She decides to request her grandma make customized pickles to satisfy her craving. She  goes to the market with her paati to buy supplies. The first time, the duo make sweetened pickle with jaggery but Nitya finds it too sweet. The second time, they make sour pickle with tamarind but Nitya finds it too sour.  What happens next? Does Nitya fall in love with pickles?

The Highlights

This beautiful book took me back to my childhood days. Especially the time I spent with with my paati and thatha. Also, it reminded me of the vacations my children spend with their thatha and patio these days.

I really liked it when Nitya had that ‘Eureka’ moment and combined the sweet and sour pickles to yield a winning flavor.

Props to Shailaja Jain Chougule for making the illustrations in the book beautiful and realistic.

Pickle is something my kids love a lot and while I read this out to them, they enjoyed it. I am sure they are now going to ask for gooseberry and lemon pickles customized per their taste buds!

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