Pehelwaanji ji aur kela“, an original story in Hindi by Sanjiv Jaiswal ‘Sanjay’ is translated for the benefit of English readers as “Pehelwaan ji learns a slippery lesson” by Manisha Chaudhry. This short story book is crafted for beginner level (Level 1) by Pratham books.

The Plot

Pehelwan is a strapping man who needs to eat well enough to maintain his muscular body. I know its hard to believe but, yes he can eat 50 bananas at a time! What he does to those peels was an unbecoming behavior for a powerful man like him.
Pehelwaan was too rude and did not respect others. He turns into a new leaf when Gappu teaches him an indelible lesson, the hard way.


With simple words and cartoon illustrations, the book wins the young readers, hands down. Ajit Narayan, through his basic line drawings make an instant connect. This story teaches young readers life lessons on cleanliness, being smart, being humble, respecting the surroundings and neighbors and most importantly standing up for values even if it means dealing against the strong.
My kid learnt never to throw toys! A pleasant read!
Featured Image Source: Pratham Books

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