This issue of parents imposing their unfulfilled career dreams on children is not unheard of. Children have been suffering from this issue since time immemorial.

My mother and her dream

My mother wanted to be a singer when she was 15-16 years old. She carried that career dream with her for years. She is a big music buff, so much so that every single room our house had a dedicated radio installed for her. Since childhood, I have seen her switching her music the minute she’s up in the morning. She enjoys the melodies all day long till shuteye.

She often reminisces how she longed to get training in music, but couldn’t!

I remember vividly, there was time (really short one at that!) when she thought I could realize her dream for her. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t try. But she and I both knew, I wasn’t no Lata Mangeshkar. Heck I wouldn’t measure up to a bathroom singer with a severe case of bronchitis!

So after a brief bout of sulking and disappointment filled sighs she gave up her dream of a singer-for-a-daughter. But, I’m so glad she did. Because if she hadn’t, I would have been a really bad singer as compared to the half decent writer I’m proud to call myself today!

Today’s parents and their children

With more and more families shrinking to nuclear ones parents are neurotically focused on their children. Yet what they fail to observe are the unspoken career dreams that the child hides just for fulfilling the parent’s expectations of choosing a conventional career path of Medicine, MBA degrees, Chartered accountancy, engineering or teaching (if it’s a girl child)!

My question is, doesn’t the world need actors, dancers, artists, performers?

As parents, we need to acknowledge the fact that our little geniuses are a storehouse of creativity and talent. We need to channel their passion; we need to nurture their talent, we need to give them the GIFT of OPPORTUNITY! An opportunity to choose a career path that makes them happy, an opportunity to dream, an opportunity to find their labor of love. If your child loves dancing or acting, do not dismiss it as a juvenile whim. Read between the lines, you may have a budding choreographer in your home. Encourage your children to pursue their dreams and help them ascertain where their future lies instead of dictating where it should lie.

According to education experts, the role of a parent should only be limited to guiding the child in choosing his or her career path. Making this choice for the child is ill-advised and unfavorable. All you need to do as a concerned parent is – be the wind beneath their wings and let them fly high!

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