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The Book Giveaway of The Invincible Weapon by Sowmya Putta has now ended!

We received 68 entries for our contest for ‘The Invincible Weapon’ by Sowmya Putta! All the entries were simply incredible, unusual and thoughtful. From mom and dad being the best teachers to pain and Peppa Pig, the variety of answers bowled us over! We couldn’t pick just 10, and so 22 people will be receiving copies of the book!

We thank all our readers, kids and adults, who participated. Do keep a watch for more giveaways and contests!

Winners of ‘The Invincible Weapon’ contest:

1. Geetharam Donthi: Baba is my best teacher patience and truth are his principles he first puts us for tough test teaches us the secrets of life

2. Noopur Agarwal: My EVS mam is my favorite teacher as her teaching style is very friendly and easy. She is always open for a practical explanation. Listens to our doubts and patiently answer our questions. I really like her open approach to teaching and asking the class for suggestions. She never nags and always encourages

3. Tanushree Sinha: My best Ma’am is Manisha Aunty. She taught the things in such a fun way. She loves me a lot and motivates me to try new things. Then I love my mom for being my best friend, teacher, and mother.

4. Sowmya Ravi: Mom is my best teacher. Her style is that she teaches anything practical so that it can be understood easily.

5. Rohit Kumar: My physical education teacher: Capt: Gurudev Singh. This is how we learned swimming in class 6- he used to make us stand up along the pool and then mildly cane us to make us jump inside the water. Then he would shout paddle.

6. Sagar Bairagi: My best teacher is the pain. Pain is an influence to achieve something which it causes. Pain is the power which made me think different. It also makes us strong to survive without having more pain. It is unfortunate that we consider it as a bad symptom but it is honest with us. The pain taught me how to get rid of the causes of itself. And it doesn’t differentiate on the account of someone’s ability, that makes it unique.

7. Anuradha Chanda: My Science Teacher – Mrs. Neelam Choudhury is my best teacher. I like all the experiments and activities she conducts in the classroom which helps us understand science in a fun and easy way.

8. Deepshika Gupta: My best teacher is life. Life teaches me through all the experiences it bestows on me, this style of teaching is beyond comparison.

9. Sangeetha Krishnaswamy: ‘It’s Peppa Pig. She teaches me to be patient and helps me to think beyond the ordinary

10. Geeta Nair: Dad is my best teacher. Go to Him with a problem and return with a solution that’s entirely yours. He’d sit with a pen and paper in hand. Ask a question or two about your problem and before long would give you back the paper with the answer. The best part would be that on going through the paper you’d find that the solution was within you just waiting to be probed and brought out. Not a single word there would be dad’s contribution. The greatest benefit of this style of his was that my essays at school would carry some points that none other would have thought of. They’d be unique. Dad was a great motivator and morale booster.”

11. Sulbha Bathwal: My mom is the bestest teacher…my favorite teacher teaches by fun and play way method and hence it has influenced me!

12. Jyoti Mulgaonkar: Mr. Jha, because he strengthens the basics and it got me success in the end and thus influenced me the most

13. Padmajha Sureshbabu: My best teacher is my mom! She leads me by example and teaches me about things in a simple way so that I can always remember it.

14. Seema Richard: Annie. She encouraged us to learn through Interactive brainstorming

15. Muskaan Fatima: My favorite teacher is our biology teacher 😊 Well she is fabulous the best thing about her is that she is really friendly and caring and of course she teaches realllyyy well

16. Shashank Pandey: My best teacher is Mr. Subhashish Chakrobarty. I like his way of asking a lot of GK questions while teaching. Of course, I answer the most!

17. Divyasree Sai Ananya: My best teacher was my second-grade teacher, Mr.Lee. He was the teacher who believed in my abilities and pushed me to achieve my goal. His teaching style that had influenced me the most was, how he had addressed my weaknesses in education. As a young child, I had always rushed through my work even though I had the potential to accomplish the task. Realizing this, my teacher took on-one-on one classes with me and would explain the topic in an amusing way or he would make some challenges with rewards that had lured me into participating. Not only this but, he had also included several activities that would be very entertaining while at the same time educational. Through this process, I had fallen in love with education and always put effort into my assignments because, how could you not put some effort into something you very much appreciate and care about?

18. Poembryo: My favorite teacher has to be my brother (I mean the cliched answer is ‘mother.’ But I relate more to what my bro Singh says). he teaches me stuff in ways that don’t make me feel inferior and the quotes he says are so apt, his ideas about life and people and God are so practical that I really love him. Causes are not important, solutions are is one thing he told me when I  was around 12. Now, I am 17, a girl who can’t get genuine people to read her work and so he told me “failure is not a person, it’s an event”. I asked him about God and he said some questions are better unanswered. He said God doesn’t come, and so he doesn’t have to go. He was there before us and will exist when there will be nothing. 🌈

19. Rachel Rose Daniel: My best teacher is my science teacher. She gives us many examples while teaching. She nurtured our interests by allowing us to conduct simple experiments in class.

20. Chamundeeswari: Professor Govindan. He wrote almost every word on board in level which helped the rural students.

21 Riddhi Nath: My best teacher is my class teacher. My favorite teacher’s style is teaching through activities which are fun for learning.

22. Tulika Singh: My science teacher Sneha ma’am is my favourite. I liked her because she taught us through many activities and also I could ask her anything at all and she’d answer me then and there or find out later and tell me. She never got angry.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Book Giveaway: The Invincible Weapon!

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