2018 is here and like every year I try to follow a few resolutions. Mostly, something to tell friends and colleagues. Something that makes me sound like a normal and sane human instead of a harried and lost mom.

Resolutions and Mothers

As mothers and caregivers, we need to be able to prioritize ourselves and make sure we plan our year and give space for ourselves to grow. Often, we are too busy with our daily routines and schedules that we do not allot time for ourselves. We do not put ourselves first. But we should be finding time to do things that will make us feel better.

If you are looking for some ideas on what your resolutions should look like, here are some suggestions


I have written a whole post on it. Please do not feel guilty about indulging in self-care. Go ahead make this is a resolution this year.

Learn to say no

That party you are invited but you really don’t want to go? Say no to the 100th potluck with the same people and to that sleepover.

I am very guilty of saying yes when I really want to say no. This is going to be one of my 2018 resolutions.


Please schedule time to disconnect. During the holiday season, I am off twitter and instagram. I like being removed from the news and the world around me.

I also turn my phone to airplane mode even when I am not flying. It gives me time to live life and not worry about all the information that my phone force-feds me. It is also my me-time

Stop Comparing

That mother on instagram who posts gorgeous pictures of the delicious foods she has cooked? She is not you. You do not have to compare yourself with other mothers. This year resolve stop comparing and start living.

Stop Judging

This kind of comes with the mom territory. We waste quite a lot of time judging other moms. We are all unique and we need to support more than judge. This year, resolve to judge less and support more.


Have you noticed how many of us refuse to ask for help? We want to be superhumans. Learn to ask for help. Learn to delegate household chores. It is a skill and can be developed. It makes your days insanely better. We do not have to do it all alone. We can trust our families and friends to help us.

What are your resolutions this year?

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2018!


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