Not Yet! by Nandana Dev Sen is a beautiful bedtime story and bilingual book about a universal bedtime ritual.

Not Yet
Having a toddler at home is like being in a red-alert zone of a volcano erupting with incessant energy. With the paltry energy remaining after an exhausting day, handling such little tornadoes become too hard especially at bedtime.

Nandana Dev Sen is a famous writer, actor and child rights activist. She has collaborated with Tulika Books for the first time to create a bilingual rhyming treat Not Yet! This comes after two other children`s books, Mambi and the Forest Fire and Kangaroo Kisses.

Not Yet! describes an everyday bedtime ritual involving an energetic child and her loving mom. Mom tries to wheedle her way into retiring for the night, but it is hard to persuade her animal-loving child switch to routine from her reverie. There is so much to do before bedtime and so little time. When the little one says that she is not ready for bed yet, what is a mom to do than to try and woo?

Beautiful illustrations

Niloufer Wadia, a name familiar to us from the lovable book ‘Kanna Panna’ has once again done a fabulous job with the illustrations. Sushmaa Roshan provided a perfect Hindi translation that has complemented the English text well and made this book enjoyable to readers of both English and Hindi alike!

It was hard to turn pages in a normal pace as I read, because my son wanted to look at each and every animal illustration in those pages, appreciate its pose and expression and recite a version of his story from it. We love the book so much that we have read it over and over again!

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