We are a generation of millennials. The way our parents brought us up is very different from our new age parenting philosophies. We belong to the generation that rose beyond unconventional opportunities. We tread less conventional career paths than our parents.

Today we are among the ever-so-busy parents ourselves. In the early 1980s and 1990s, limited options and traditional careers were the only reliable means to a resounding future. Today, we as millennial parents are ready to rewrite the traditional routes to parenthood.

As parents, we are constantly looking for options to explore, identify and pursue the best available options to aid and nurture our child’s dream for a safe, sound and accomplished future. We are keen on educating our little champs and in securing their future.

Around 26 million Gen Y-ers like us are raising kids today. And all of us have the capability to be the most suitable mentors to our kids. However, there is always a point where we get stuck on how to go forward with our plans for kids. We are always told that if we create the right environment for our children and give them the freedom to express themselves, half our parenting problems would be sorted. This is true to some extent. But how do we provide the right environment to our kids?

What I’ve learnt so far from my own motherhood journey and from the experiences of other fellow mommies, is that there are a few simple rules to ease the parenting puzzles. They help us make the best choices as new age parents.

Encourage Kids to Dream Big

Kids today are seemingly growing up too fast, making it more essential than ever to consider the importance of nurturing their dreams at an early age. New age parenting is all about encouraging the child to dream big and not to be deterred by anything. We must try and foster a rich environment to enable the child to become a big dreamer. We can do this by either introducing them to inspirational dreamers like Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman and Amelia Earhart, or by becoming role models ourselves. This will help the child carry on his or her free spirit and youthful passion into adulthood.

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Let Them Pursue Their Dreams

No matter how unrealistic or difficult the dreams of the child might seem to be, we should try to keep their passion and dreams alive. Discouraging the child is a big no-no; instead, we need to come up with new ways to help the child pursue her dreams. Encourage kids to dream big and don’t let them settle!

Develop their Personalities

New age parenting entails spending more time observing our children. This will not only unveil the child’s hidden talents and aptitude, but will also help us discover various personality traits. Such observations will help us understand our child better, thereby making us better guides for their development.

Further, by challenging the child’s thinking and perspective by talking to them about what they observe around them, we can get a better understanding of the child.

Find the right assessment program

We want to raise children who are passionate about their dreams and are kind, creative individuals who never give up. But, identifying these nuances in our child can be a challenge for us. In order to overcome these challenges, we can explore structured aptitude assessments that include expert guidance and can be used to understand the cognitive skills and capabilities of the kids. Assessment programs like the provided by trusted insurers like Aviva Life Insurance can enable parents like us to partner with our child’s aspirations. They give us more robust and evidence-based results to measure the capabilities of our children.

Invest in their future

Do you know that only 13% of millennial parents consider savings for their kids’ higher studies as one of their top child-related financial priorities? Which means that some of us do not keep enough savings for our kids. I feel it is imperative that we all set our financial goals and start investing a certain amount as early as possible to help our children achieve their dreams later in life.

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