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We got this book from an offer of five books from Tulika Books.

I find Tulika books slightly more expensive lets say, compared to a Pratham books, but the quality and stories are amazing. Most Tulika books have amazing paper quality, superb stories and totally eye catching illustrations. In short, I am a big fan 🙂

Monday to Sunday is a book about a boy Mani who thinks he is a different creature every day. Written by Sowmya Rajendran (better known as Gounderbrownie in the blog world and I am a BEEEG fan!) and illustrated by Pratik Ghosh, the book is a four year old’s delight.

Eagar to know what creature he is the next day, R kept turning the pages even before I could finish reading what was there on one page.

Small sentences, amazing illustrations and a simple story line, make the book a super hit bed time book. The best part is what he is on Sunday. We totally loved it..yes  yes, RM included 🙂

Infact, R was so excited about the book, that she even read it the next morning by herself (okie thats not reading, but its recognizing the pictures 🙂 ) while I was changing to go to work.

We have been reading it for 4 days at a stretch now and  yet she loves it and giggles every time we  turn the page.

Total recommended for 3+ kids household 🙂


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