This book set of four books, I got for R when Tulika Books were having some offers on sometime last year…

Written by Radhika Chadha and illustrated by Priya Kurian, the stories are simple, lovely and a delight to read..

There was four books in the series

1. I am Sleepy – This is about the Baby Elephant Bahadur who has forgotten how to sleep…he keeps going to all his friends including the crocodile, rabbit, monkey, camel and horse and finally figures out how to sleep..what we loved about the book was that it showed how various animals have various ways of sleeping and the fact that there is an elephant similar to the brat in the house to often forgets so many things 🙂

2. Colour Colour Kamini – This one is really rich in illustrations..more than the story, R and I loved the illustrations which seems to flow with the words of the story. Its a story about a Chameleon who keeps going from red to green to purple to orange to what not..and how Baby Bahadur makes her feel important is what the story is about

3. Snoring Shanmugan – Whats not to like about a book with such a lovely title.Shanmugan is the king of the jungle and is always snoring…the book is written so cleverly that it almost seems realistic when the words go khorrrrrrr…phsssssss…about the snoring..R and I love to imitate Shanmugan…simple story, powerful words which make your imagination soar 🙂

4. Yes Hutoxi – We loved that name…Hutoxi…we like the way it rolls in our mouth..R and I keep going Hutoxi for a while 🙂 The story is about the horse Hutoxi who is always correcting others and then how everyone comes to love her and miss her is what the entire story is about…its a simple story but very effective in telling children about relations and love and what a family can be and can mean.

In short, this set of four books is something I would recommend parents to buy. Suitable for kids above the age of 3. R cant read by herself yet but she sits through the stories very patiently and loves the words which soar her imagination.




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