Meri Bindi / My Bindi by Anu Anand is a lovely bilingual book that surprisingly covers quite a bit of Hindi vocabulary – from colors, shapes, sizes to general terms like “look” ,  “come” and “friends”. The text covers a lot of the words that you would typically learn when you start out learning any new language.

The text is written in English, Hindi in English script for English readers learning Hindi, and in Hindi script. The Hindi in English is a nice addition and one I have not seen in other bilingual books. It will help a kid who can read English and speak Hindi, “read” in Hindi , while still working on the Hindi script. It takes away the script barrier and helps with the spoken language.

A little girl – Noor and a little boy – Neel, a packet of Bindis and a menagerie of animals complete the book. The text is accompanied by absolutely gorgeous illustrations using cut-paper collage by Lavanya Karthik. The 3 dimensional effect of the collages along with the bright colors made me want to run my hands over the illustrations more than once.

This was the page I liked the most ! The light and dark is depicted so beautifully!

Meri Bindi My Bindi

There is a a set of vocabulary words at the end of the book. These are all the animals and objects that appeared in the book. I learnt a new word too! Did you know the ladybug was called “Sonpankhi” in Hindi?

My daughter has a set of bilingual English – Hindi books now, thanks to IMC’s Treasure Box, but this is the book I would start with if you are starting off with Hindi language learning, especially if your child goes to Hindi language classes.

Studies have shown the benefits of bilingualism, and with gorgeous books such as these, it has become easier than ever to learn and teach Hindi for kids and their parents keen on passing on their language.

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