It is the time everyone is goal setting and planning for the year ahead. History traces the habit of new year resolutions to the ancient Babylonians. We mothers also need to resolve to schedule time for self-care regularly.

Self-Care for Moms

Moms always seem to be putting themselves on the back burner. After kids, family, job, errands, groceries, pets and everything else you can think of. But, we cant always stay there. Putting ourselves at the end means, we are not happy. An unhappy mom is a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Unhappy moms inevitably result in unhappy families.

Further, sleep deprivation and stress levels increase when moms do not indulge in self-care. This leads to a host of health issues. Life is for living, so this new year as you set resolutions, add self-care to the list. If possible, make it number one on your list. You will not regret it.

Here are few ways to indulge in self-care that work for me,

Call a friend

Schedule time to catch up with a friend. As formal as it sounds, it might be better to go ahead and set an appointment and plan for childcare for the time. Having the date set up means you will definitely make it.

Your meeting could be a face-to-face or a phone call. It could be with one friend or with a group of them. Whatever works for you. Talking to friends as we all know is therapeutical. Go ahead crib, complain and laugh. Compare notes and tricks that work. You deserve that time.

Read a book or the newspaper

Something that is not a picture book which you have read millions of times. I often like to head to a neighborhood coffee shop, order my favorite drink and read a book in peace. I people watch (yes that is my secret vice) and enjoy the process. When I get back, I am rejuvenated and ready to don my superwoman cape again.

Window Shop

Some of us are window shopaholics. We find pleasure in walking from store to store with nothing planned and just browsing. Go ahead indulge if that works for you. I like doing this in tandem with reading a book.

Enjoy a solo meal

I rarely go out to restaurant alone. I almost have an entourage. Kids, friends, extended family and coworkers are usually my companions. Every so often, go for a meal out alone. You will be surprised to see how different the experience is. It is quiet and you can order exactly what you like. You also are not forced to finish leftovers from the kids meal.

Hit the spa

I know many friends who relax while getting a pedicure done. I find that rather stressful. Instead, I like to relax while having a massage. I get back feeling at the top of the world.

Gratitude List

We often tend to focus on what went wrong. Take a few minutes to write down the positives in your life. There is a lot to be grateful for in life and focusing on the positives relaxes us.

Off Social Media

Yes, we live in a very connected world and there is information to be consumed everywhere. We need to take time off from our phones and social media. Turn off your phone and spend an hour without it. Yes, at first it feels as if you lost a limb but it gets easier. Life is better with less information and lesser connectivity at times.

How do you indulge in self-care? What works for you?

This year, resolve to make self-care a part of your live. Make self-care non-negotiable. You do not have to feel guilty to mark time off for self-care.

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