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We (the husband and I) began living with fewer plastics and more eco-friendly items. As a part of that decision, I started using cloth diapers for Baby A when she was three months old.

When I explored the internet for cloth diapers, I came across the site, among many other cloth diaper sellers. I ordered 1 or 2 from three different websites and found tushions gives the best and wide range of products. Also, I need to mention about their excellent customer service. Jaya, from tushions, did not hesitate in answering my naive questions during my early stage of using cloth diapers.


Initially, I bought pocket diapers and AIOs (All-in-One Cloth Diapers). One of the friends gifted me a foreign brand of organic cotton AIO which I found to be great but it was quite expensive, and I couldn’t afford to buy more of it. While rummaging the internet again, I came across Tush 1.2 AIOs, but my bad luck, it was out of stock, and only the pre-order option was available. That’s when; I contacted Jaya through WhatsApp asking when it will be re-stocked. She not only told me the timeline but sent me a diaper for review. I was more than happy and here are my thoughts.

About Tushions

Where do I begin about this diaper? Tush 1.2 is an Indian made organic cloth diaper. The best part according to me is, it doesn’t require any prep tasks, yes, just wash it once and tadaa. It’s ready to use. Both inner and outer layers were softer than I imagined.

Let me put in points for easy read:

  • It’s made out of 100% organic cotton, and it’s very soft
  • The inner layer is thick enough for overnight wearing
  • Perfect fit
  • Absorbency is also pretty nice. I mostly use this for baby A during nights, and it stays good till morning
  • Value for money
  • At par with foreign brands
  • Last but not the least, it’s made in India 🙂

Pictures of Tushions


The above picture may make you think that the finishing could have been better, but trust me it has nothing to do with the fitting. The side and back stitching are so strong/tight that it gives a wrinkled look.


See how perfectly it fits.



I really like the diaper, but I wish I could have had these things, (we humans always want more huh?)

  • It has limited designs to select; I wish they could have some solid color range.
  • 1 or 2 snaps can be added in the waistline for chubby babies. Baby A is nine months old, and I am using the 3rd snap from the end.

I would definitely recommend Tush 1.2 to all those who love to use cloth diapers. The new versions are even better than the previous version as they have improvised it based on the feedback from buyers. I can’t wait to try them out.

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Grab yours today and happy cloth diapering.

All Image Credits: Bingo’s Mom.


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