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Today we have, yet another book from Miheika Publications! A Diwali book for young children – Lilu’s Lantern, written and illustrated by Devika Joglekar. This is our second book from Miheika Publications and I was happy to review it for IMC. The illustrations by Devika are so simple, yet so pleasing and perfect – one of the biggest USP of all her books.

About Lilu’s Lantern!

Lilu is excited and very happy that the Festival of lights is here! She wants to pick a nice lantern for this Diwali. However, she just cannot seem to be able to decide on the color of the lantern. Should she get the red one or the green one? Perhaps the blue one? Or the pink one? Since she couldn’t decide on the color, she asks her brother Boo Boo. Well, Boo boo said that he liked all the colors! What does she do now….well she decides to make her own multi-colored lantern.
This particular part, where Lulu has to put so much pressure on her little brain was our favorite page in the book 🙂lilus lantern fav


Through wonderful vibrant illustrations and sweet rhyming text, LILU’s LANTERN teaches kids how to make their own home-made Diwali lantern. The simple story and colorful pictures, along-with the interactive lantern making craft, make it a great Diwali pick especially for Preschool kids.
We really enjoyed the Kindle version of the book, which is available for Free download this Festive season via Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

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