My daughter and I recently visited Mumbai for a few weeks. And when we returned, I got this children’s book about Mumbai –  Let’s Visit Mumbai, for review! And as I started reading it I felt, wait a minute, did I write this book! That feeling of been there, done that really hit me hard and it brought a smile to my face.

Lets Visit Mumbai is a story about Maya & Neel who visit Mumbai from Chicago and are really excited about the adventure that they are going to have while exploring the city.


My Experience

During our stay in Mumbai, we did pretty much everything that Maya and Neel do in the book. Like commuting via autos, taxis and local trains, visiting the beach, eating street food, sight-seeing (yeah we did go see the Gateway of India).

Personally speaking, what I do when in Mumbai is very different to what I would do here in the US. For instance, if I go to, say, a Myrtle beach here, I actually get into the water or let my daughter swim in it, but that is definitely not what I do when I visit a beach in Mumbai! When we go to a ‘Chowpatty’, we sit on the chattai/mat, let the kids play in the sand, watch the amazing mix of people that come and go, take in the beautiful coastline-skyline, and above all we go for the food – be it vada pav, pav bhaji, kulfi or sandwiches-the Indian kind – you will find them all at the beach 🙂

And then we also visited all my childhood favorite haunts- things I wanted my daughter to experience and enjoy.

About the book

The book has mentions of all the above and more. It gives a great road map to the things one can and should experience in this amazing city. From the various street food to Bollywood’s film city, from the infamous beaches to the world-famous Dabbawalas. The diverse experience that the city provides is well etched.

Most people think Mumbai is not an easy place to navigate especially with kids, well that may not be necessarily true. It is just that you need to know when, where and how to get around, how to commute. The book gives an insight into that aspect, and also gives a little lesson on the history of city itself – like how it came to be, how it got its name etc.

And finally there are the colorful pictures that go with the story and this nice pictorial recap at the end (a special feature, found in both of Bollywood Groove’s books).


I would say its a great pick for children 5 and above. Needless to say my 5 year old could relate to the book really well. Talk about representative books- it works like a charm.


PS: Let’s Visit Mumbai is the 2nd in an adventure series from Bollywood Groove. You can find IMC’s review of the 1st book Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali here.

And here is the Giveaway to win a copy of Let’s Visit Mumbai!

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