It seems like children are transitioning out of picture books too soon. The visual delight of a well-made picture book is something that is lost in the rush to chapter books and advanced reading. Encouraging a budding writer to put their ideas on paper to make their own picture book is even more fun. Besides encouraging their imagination and creativity, it also helps build their self-confidence and encourages them to express themselves freely.

Technology is inevitable these days, we have all been there where we have had to hand-over the phone or the iPad in the effort to get something done, or perhaps finish dinner in a restaurant in peace. Instead of resorting to candy crush or whatever the latest game is, why not make it fun and educational?

While pen and paper is the best way to go about creating picture books, there is also an App that can spark creativity and encourage some flights of imagination.


tapStory lets your child create their own picture book by dragging and dropping images from a library, changing backgrounds and adding their own text. The images spark ideas and my daughter has been building her own stories about vegetables and birds.

Things I noticed since my 7 yr old daughter has been using the App –

1.Improved spelling – When my daughter needs to write complicated words, she asks me to spell it and soon enough she is learning to spell new words correctly. Sometimes she shows me her book once done and I get to correct spellings then. Overall a great exercise in learning to write.

2. Learning to use correct punctuations. We had a discussion about apostrophes because of a story she was building.

3. Visual Literacy – This is a phrase I learned from the author Chitra Soundar and I can now see what a difference it makes and what it truly means. My daughter quickly figured out how to enhance her story and even animate the static image in her story to show action – like running or jumping by using opacity and images with different expressions on their faces. It was a delight to see!


4. Make it a family project – My daughter has a great time writing a story with her granduncle this winter vacation. She learned a lot about brainstorming and putting her ideas forth. They have plans to make a series of vegetable stories 🙂

Very highly recommended!

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