These days we hear these complaints often from parents.

  • The child is having a hard time getting their ideas on paper.
  • The child’s handwriting is not clear, and it needs improvement.

All these issues drill down to the Penmanship. It is the art and skill of writing by hand. It involves both cognitive and fine-motor skills. But as parents how do we help our child to improve and master these skills?  I know practice makes perfect but prolonged handwriting practice becomes boring. We need to realize that practice alone is not enough to improve chirography. Then how do we proceed?

Here is the solution – Drawn to Discover. A great online tool that focuses on building handwriting through pencil grip and excellent muscle control. The tool not only focuses on writing but also helps the child improve their STEAM skills. They help to lay the firm foundation of reasoning as well as creating and comprehending.

How does it work?

The Lessons

Children get to learn directly from renowned children’s book author and artist, Ms. Wendy Anderson Halperin via the online lessons.
My kiddo started with Level one, and he enjoyed doing all the blocks. We progressed well with level one during this winter break and can’t wait to finish this section and explore the other projects.
Each level is further classified into blocks, and each block has individual lessons.


As I mentioned above, it is an online tool, and they follow the subscription method. Drawn to Discover has both annual and monthly membership which gives you access to over 300+ lessons and other supplementary materials. There are no hidden fees for their downloadable content, and of course, you can cancel anytime. I bet you won’t cancel and let me say why?

As a parent what I liked


  • They explain the overview of each lesson along with end goal. Also, they provide the materials required for the lessons which we parents can download and print the same for the child. Here are some lessons that vaandu completed.


  • The video and audio quality is excellent and the love the pace in which the author teaches.
  • No ads or no other distractions in between the course.
  • Each lesson involves drawing, and I am amazed by how the author teaches math, language, as well as visual arts along with pencil grip and holding techniques with those pictures.

I was sharing this with my mom, and she got more excited about the tool especially the people drawing.  She loves to sketch, and she was encouraging vaandu as well.

What the child liked

Be it a book or app or cartoon, these days I started asking the kiddo what he loved and his thoughts as well. Here is the answer,

  • I like the tool. It is fun, especially the logic puzzles.
  • The lessons help with drawing and handwriting by teaching you to use your thumb muscle properly.
  • Also, I would recommend that having a 60 or more crayon box would be good because of your different shades of blue, pink and other colors. (Yes, we had to buy a big crayon box)

So why are you waiting! Click this link to avail the biggest discount today. Use the coupon code “IMC” and get the annual membership at just $47.95. Subscribe today and help your child create and discover.

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PS: Folks in Bay Area, you can meet the Drawn to Discover team at our FSACC event on Feb 24th at ICC Milpitas and also hear Author Wendy Anderson speak on Feb 25th at New Delhi Restaurant SFO.

  • Feature image and Image 1 credits – Drawntodiscover screenshots
  • Images 2 credits – Vidhya

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