Are you all ready for a new adventurous ride with the Dev and Ollie pair? But before that, let’s recollect the first two adventures. The first time the duo flew to Gujarat to learn about the kite festival and next time they intended to travel to Delhi but they crash land in Agra, but still, they explore and learn about holi.  So any guesses about where they are planning to fly this time?

About Dev and Ollie Camel Caper

This time it’s to the Pushkar ka Mela which is celebrated every year in Rajasthan. This is the third book of the Dev and Ollie Series.

Dev and Ollie Camel Caper by Shweta Aggarwal, illustrated by Somnath Chatterjee and published by Curious Mind Press.

When Dev was disappointed that he couldn’t see any camels in his local zoo, his magical owl takes him to the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan. Dev was surprised to see hundreds of camels in the fair and was curious to know about all the contests, but he finds one sad camel in the mela.

Of course, the duo want to help that camel and make her happy. But why was the camel sad? And how did the Dev and Ollie pair help her?

Errrr wait, I can’t reveal it all here right. Come on grab the book now and you will be surprised for sure.

What I liked about the book and the series

    • The Dev and Ollie series is a great way to entertain, engage and educate the little ones about our country, culture and the festivals.
    • The author’s creative writing style and the style is perfect for read-aloud story telling too.
    • The bright, attractive and colorful illustrations by Somnath Chatterjee that brings the life to the book.
    • As always the curious facts and the puzzle in the book. 🙂

Now we can’t wait for the next adventure.

Win the Book

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Featured Image Credit: Shweta Aggarwal

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