Kitten, the Dog written by Priyanka Garegrat and illustrated by Archana Rajagopal is a book for children aged 9 and above. The narrator is a cute little chihuahua dog called Kitten. The story is about how the adventures of Kitten leads to solving the mystery about a pet thief. This book has illustrations and is a fun read.

The Plot

Kitten is a cute little chihuahua who is sheltered in a pet shop when a dad comes to buy him for his daughter, Margi. As Kitten goes to the house, he realizes Margi wanted a cat while her dad bought her a dog instead. And so Margi names the dog Kitten. Everyday, Margi would put on CAT Teeeweeee and ask Kitten to meow and behave like a cat. How much ever Kitten would try, he would never be able to do that.

 Kitten, the dog

One day, when Margi wasn’t watching, Kitten jumps out of the house and goes outside. As he enjoys his freedom of being outside, he decides to chase cars. In the course of his car chasing adventure, he gets caught in an expressway full of cars. He is rescued by the police and is put on an adoption drive. His previous pet shop owner comes to the drive claiming Kitten to be his. What crime has this owner committed, how Kitten helps the police nab the pet shop owner for his crime and how he is reunited with dad and Margi forms the rest of the story.


I really enjoyed reading Kitten, the Dog. There are a few takeaways from this book that I really liked. First, it’s about how forcing someone to be something will never work. Margi really wants the dog to become a cat but then she realizes in the end that she loves the dog no matter what.

The other important takeaway I found was when Margi speaks about her seeing a small tiny kitten make its way towards a prey not minding how small she was. Personally, I am being pressurized for the last few months by the kids in getting a pet. Reading this part of the story made me tilt a little towards their idea! 🙂

The relationship between Margi and her dad was very well defined too. So did the fact that the police officers taking care of the cat.

Overall, I really liked reading this book and I am sure the kids would enjoy it too!

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