I have always been curious about what children talk between themselves. I get even more curious when they start whispering when an adult is in the vicinity and sometimes even give a look that clearly conveys, “need something?”.

But there are occasions when some conversations do leak when one in the gang can’t keep it to himself and finds it extremely important to talk about with someone whom he can trust. That is a good thing and my friend was both happy and anxious, when her son said that he had to talk to her about something that happened in school. He then said he had an argument with his friend about whose God is better. That obviously was the last thing she expected to hear. As she was contemplating how best to handle the issue at hand, he went on to say that they argued about it for a while and then mutually agreed that each one’s God was best for each of them and that there was no need to fight about it anymore!

I took a pause when I heard this to be able to grasp the maturity with which the two kids resolved the matter between themselves. I am filled with awe. I am left with no words to describe.

Featured Image:https://flic.kr/p/9s7YV8


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