The scorching summer sun is upon us. What better way to let your children enjoy the summer by having fun with water? By fun with water we’re talking about teaching your child how to swim. Swimming lessons are a great way to keep your child busy during the summer holidays, learn a new sport which can later become a lifetime hobby, and get over their fear of water.  The benefits go beyond physical development. Here’s why you should consider swimming classes for your children!

Safety first

Knowing how to swim reduces the risk of drowning. You cannot be around your child forever. As they grow older, they are more likely to be around water bodies. The best way to protect them is to ensure they have mastered the basics of swimming and are capable of keeping themselves out of harm’s way.

Whole body workout

When you swim, your entire body gets a great workout. This in turn builds strength and boosts stamina. Swimming is also a great way of keeping fit whether you are young or old.

Team work

Children get to meet others of their age and make new friends. In most swimming classes and camps, instructors tend to pair kids in groups for team activities once they have mastered the basics, making the pool a great learning ground for team work. Remember playing water volleyball as kids? So much fun!

Team management

Managing time is a skill that is inevitably picked up while swimming. Whether it is timing your child for completing a lap, or finding time for swimming in your kid’s busy schedule. Once they love swimming, they will prioritise other activities accordingly later in life to make time for something they enjoy.

Life skill

Swimming is a life skill that will hold your children in good stead throughout their lives. It is also a skill once picked up, rarely forgotten. You might not have been to a pool in years, but if you swam regularly as a child, you will take to the pool like a duck to water!

Improve academic performance

Swimming involves a lot of focus and effort to get the strokes right. It teaches your child not to give up and in turn improves concentration. This is naturally bound to impact your child’s performance in school positively.

Encourage competitiveness

Being a competitive sport, swimming is a playground for life for children to learn about healthy competition. This is a great way to get your children to thrive in a competitive environment and strive to achieve more.

Eliminates fear of water

Being afraid of water keeps children away from activities like pool parties and beach trips. Learning to swim is essential to banish the fear of water, and good swimming classes do just that.

Introduces structured learning

If your tiny tot is of preschool age then it is a great idea to enroll them in swimming lessons early. This could act as their first exposure to structured learning and do them a world of good.

Building confidence

Once your child is able to get over the fear of water and master a new skill, their self-esteem will get a great boost. So enrol your little one in lessons with a dedicated instructor and watch their confidence soar.

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